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I've been having a couple of hard days. I have been dealing with depression and PTSD for 14+yrs but every now and then I have a few weeks of relief and think I'm all better. No idea why my head does that, you'd think that after so long I could see the pattern and not be so flattened when it hits again.

Anyway, this really isn't 5:2 related. I just needed to say it, I guess.

Fast day tomorrow. As much as I'm open to changing to another day if tomorrow is too hard, I think it'll be a good thing to do in my current state. It takes away a lot of thought about what to eat, I've got nothing planned for tomorrow so if I want I can stay in bed with the AC on reading a book.
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Since eating sugar again I have been completely out of control. In many ways it's an interesting experiment but in others it's driving me crazy. It's like the control/sugar switch has been switched on. It's dreadful. I'm going to do a straight Monday fast to see if I can regulate my appetite again. Not fasted since last Weds. Not happy, but at least I fasted.
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It was a non-fast day so it was all good. It was also my first non-fast day that I didn't track what I ate...

SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW=264.8 down another .6 after a really up day :like:
Calories =?
Net Carbs = ?
Fat= ?
Protein= ?
Sleep =6:22 90%
Steps= 5832 6 flights of stairs - It looks like this is about average for what I do when I feel like crap and skip the treadmill

So you will note that there was a loss on the scale. You may also note that I did not keep track of what I ate yesterday. We had a group over last night, all preparing scrapbooks for their children. We had a counter full of finger foods, dips, and lovely desserts. Yep, I ate a bit of everything. Even if I had counted how much of each thing I ate-no idea how to get it into MFP accurately. I felt like I over ate, as I put one more little dessert in my mouth as I was thinking "man I am stuffed".

So now I go into my...

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Tried a few different things today - firstly, I didn't have breakfast! Sacrilege! And my husband knows that I'm usually as grumpy as....without breakfast. But it was fine, I got through the morning no problem, and my tummy only started to rumble when I had a lunchtime miso soup with celery sticks. I also had a satsuma mid afternoon.

In the evening, I ate some of my salad before taking my step-son to the leisure centre. Husband usually does this run as I'm normally at Scottish dancing on a Thursday. But that's now finished for the year. And I haven't been able to run outside for over a week due to the snow, so I thought I'd try a run on the treadmill.

I did wonder about exercise on a fast day, but it was fine, I managed to do 30 minutes at a good pace (in fact one of the other gym goers was asking me about it afterwards!), and I felt really energised. Went for a cuppa in the cafe afterwards, and fancied a cereal bar. the Kelloggs ones (coco pops etc) very clearly show the calorie...

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Now 79,1 kg - and feeling great and slim - almost :lol:

I would like to put a Photo here from before and now but I really don't know how to do it.. I will try to find out..

Soon Holiday is coming up, in 4 Weeks time, and this year we are going to Malta for the first time.. Looking so much forward to that but also a Little afraid to gain too much weight as I usually do. Hopefully I can control myself and maybe just minimize my portions and still enjoy, beer, wine, ice cream and something nice to eat.. a little bit :razz:
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