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I prefer doing my walks fasted, before my window opens. Over the last week or so I have done 2 more stretches of the Settle Carlisle way; from Horton in Ribblesdale to Ribblehead last Tuesday, and from Ribblehead to Garsdale station on Saturday. I keep these walks for special days when the weather is splendid, to justify the train fare and to enjoy the train ride as much as the walk. As I have to set a brisk pace to try and catch the mid-afternoon train it reminds me of my early days in the Lakes - no car, no money, able to afford the bus fare but not a restaurant if I had to wait for an evening bus, balancing the urge to bag an extra Wainwright or two with the need to have enough energy to make the bus stop. It is such a relief to see the little 2-car multiple unit grumbling along to the remote train station to take me home.

On other days when it is reasonably fit I am doing walks from the Penrith Ramblers book, in sequence. Today I decided not to go up Place Fell as it was blotted...

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No weight lost this week, in fact a small gain of quarter llb. How did that happen with 2 really good liquid fast days and a 5 mile hike on one of them! With an average loss of half pound a week, 7 weeks to go to Christmas and 4 lb to shed, I don't think it's going to happen :( Was really wanting to hit the 11st mark for Christmas - still I must and will press on - who knows I MAY just make it !! :neutral:
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I went out to lunch today for the 1st time since I have started this amazing diet, I didn't think about the food as I was with my friends and I chose the lowest calorie item, but it was still quite heavy because it was Italian food, but now 2hrs later I feel sluggish, bloated and not feeling too great. It is my 1st mistake not thinking about how I would feel with all that food inside me, I am now going to do another 500 cal day tomorrow to overcome this feeling and the next time I will consider what restaurant I go to, so sorry Jamie Oliver your food is amazing but you will not see me for a while as my weight loss is too important to me, so lots of water for me to flush my system,

Roll on tomorrow ...
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Black coffee....wonder how long it will be before I'm sick of it?

Have two young children which means there is a plentiful amount of treats in various cupboards and the temptation to have a peak is so far not as bad as thought it might have been.

May try and hold out on any food until tea time and see how that goes but right now at time of writing I'm already 'in credit' on previous Mondays so a good start so far.

This site could prove to be a godsend :grin:
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So yesterday I fasted, my first one since surgery. My last fast was thurs 28th November. To be honest I was prob a bit over as I've forgotten my fast day quantities, and my new temporary sedentary fasting allowance is a lot less than I'm used to. Essentially I had tea, a veg bouillon and slimline tonic until tea. Which was a 175 g of king prawns, a little Rosemarie sauce, half a small jacket potato and some salad. A Lindt chocolate and several diet cokes. I'm a pound down on yesterday so I've gained just 1lb since before Xmas. I'm happy with this.
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