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Whew! Got through my very first fast day. The only thing that really helped was delaying my breakfast as long as I could (which amazingly was a rather long time) and drinking tons of water with lots of lemon in it. I'm not a water drinker; in fact I really dislike drinking water at all, but the lemon addition was really great. I even had hot water with lemon in it for my early morning "coffee" and it was very refreshing. For lunch I had mesculin greens with 3 tiny slices of chicken and half an apple; however, since I eat in a school cafeteria, I think the greens are sprayed with that stuff that keeps them looking fresh because that salad did NOT agree with me at all and I was rather sick last night. I'm going to bring something else on fast days here at school.I also had a nagging headache all day yesterday but think that was caffeine withdrawal. Had a pan seared chicken breast and Brussel sprouts for dinner.

I swear I felt thinner this morning, but I refuse to be a slave to...

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I'm feeling better! I have dropped 10 lbs and that's my first step on my thousand-mile journey, but I've taken that dreaded first step. This is another fast day and so far so good. I added some bouillon to my morning and that helped tremendously. It was hot and savory and very satisfying. While I miss my morning coffee on fast days (can't do coffee without 1/2 & 1/2), the savory beef broth was great. I had a salad with lots of greens, 3 slivers of grilled chicken, 1/2 small scoop of cottage cheese and a small apple for lunch. Dinner again will be the Progresso lite soup and a few strawberries. I'm eating less on non-fast days (I hate "feed" days . . . makes me think of a horse with his nose in the trough!), not because I'm struggling to "diet" but because I truly want less. This phenomenon is really amazing to me because I can overeat VERY easily. But now when I overeat I feel miserable and I have come to hate that feeling. Thanks to everyone who comes and posts...

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Almost 10am and I am starting to feel like a ravenous beast Image
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Well, another fasting day is drawing to a close.

The colder weather is certainly altering my focus on what to eat.

Porridge is my go-to breakfast on a fast day. Actually it's pretty much my favourite breakfast most days in autumn/winter. The difference being I would add a banana on non-fast days.

Added fruit or not - porridge is nicely satisfying on a fast day.
And it leaves a pleasing number of calories over for a warming meal in the evening.

Leek and Lentil soup with a low fat sausage cut into it.
Omelette with a little ham and some grilled tomatoes.
Home-made burger - no bun! - with portion of veg.
Chilli beans with a little rice on the side.

This plan IS doable!

I am wondering about a hot drink tonight. I could go for a herbal tea - but it is raining ....I was thinking of something a little more comforting....maybe a low-fat chocolate drink - perhaps I could make it with less powder than suggested?...might try that....or one drink I have come to rather like...a tiny drop of...

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during fasting days the afternoons are REALLY hard. between 15.00 and 17.00 is HELL. like i'll look to my left and suddenly my colleague's head looks like a falafel. a REALLY delicious falafel. but then it gets better. it's sort of like running. you hit that one hard spot but once you're through it it's all good and you can run for ages and it feels awesome.
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