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AM I BREAKING THE RULES :?: There are no rules - 5:2 4:3 6:1 we mix it up to suit our needs :bugeyes: if we exceed 500 on a fast day :starving: we can forget about it and fast again another day :grin: AM I A FREAK? AM I AN EXCEPTION TO THE (NON) RULES? I generally fast 2 days back to back -I have never suffered headaches or light headiness or dizziness,I have virtually cut out bread/rice/pasta (not just on fast days)there has been a slight improvement in my constitution(bowel habbits :oops: )So far (touch wood!)...

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Up and out early then home to lots of chores! Just taken apart the rabbit Eglu, cleaned it up and am setting it up in the chicken run. Rabbit hopped off to the sky last year so I am using it for the chicks. My incubated chicks have had some time without the broody lamp and now have nearly all their feathers. They are ready to go outside now. By putting them in the rabbit house and run they can integrate with the flock under protection. I have two hens sitting on eggs so may use it for them too if the eggs hatch. The current chicks are the last I shall incubate, I have now sold my incubator. Mother hen does a much better job. The ducks have also built a nest in their house and the last few days eggs are hidden under straw. I am hoping one of them will go broody too.
On the fasting front, I had to abandon my fast yesterday due to feeling unwell. I think doing 4:3 and 16:8 is too much for me. Today I have eaten normally but still feel very empty! I may not fast again tomorrow if I still feel...

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No, seriously. Grandsons aged 3 and 6 day. I'm worn out. Three year old has just fully discovered his power of 'No' and hanging head to get own way and general contrariness. Six year old, past expert of all this, surveys his acolyte and knows his work is done. So follows up with a quick push/squeal/whatever to get reaction. I love them completely, it's like the Silver Cord of Life flows from me to their father and on into them. But can I survive their amazing energy and speed? Quicksilver and The Buddha may have to be renamed Quicksilver and Silver Surfer.
We have 10 grandchildren (second marriage, two children each), youngest (aged 2) coming for the weekend. Chaos will ensue.
If I go quiet it's because two weeks of school holidays have finished me off.
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Hello everyone - 6 years ago I managed to lose 72 lbs through healthy eating and exercise and for the most part, have managed to keep it off. I went from 15st 4lb - 10st 4lb, so why have I joined the 5:2 forum and eating pattern? Well over the last 9 months I have started to gain weight and whilst I am clinging onto the right side of 11st, its only just there.

But all the methods I have used before no longer seem to work. Whether that's because I am getting older or quite simply my body has wised up to my eating pattern, I am terrified of going back to where I was.

So, I need a new approach and a strategy that is sustainable and fits in with family life. My eldest son is a Medical Research Charge Nurse and I went through the "science" element with him. Whilst as he says the proof is in the eating,(or not for 2 days!) he has seen patients who have successfully lost weight and gained health - so I am on board and hoping to be one of those success myself.

I would love to hear...

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Day one of fasting nearly over ( plan a very early night lol) . Nothing but a raw apple water , herb tea and black coffee has passed my lips . Feel fine albeit a bit tired. Still not sure what to eat for the 400 plus calories left ....hmmmmmm

Think this will be doable though still concerned I won't lose weight . Let's see :cool:
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