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Day 1. Fast!!. By 9 I could of quit! , but stopped myself opening the cupboard door!! Yay me. I have placed glasses of water in spots around the house it seems to be working so far. . Have drunk 2 pints so far so fluid intake is good. Not looking forward to dinner as have 2 boys to feed! Yea time will be at 4 as work I'm evenings. Have no idea of what to have yet :( it makes me hungry thinking about it.
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The first fast day was honestly fine, I'm so surprised, I thought I'd be so faint and shaky halfway through the walk home but I was just as hungry as I usually am when I've eaten through the day. I drank a lot of water and Coke Zero (I know opinion is divided on that but it's like 1 or 2 calories a bottle, makes me feel fuller and is a change from water), I've been going to the toilet like three times an hour :p But I'm quite impressed with how un-hungry (new word) I've been today, yay!

Cup of mash - 210 according to MyFitnessPal
Few drops of peri peri sauce - 6 (I don't know why I always want to put spice on things when I'm not eating much?)
Banana - 103
Apple - 71

Total - 390

Not gonna eat any more cos I'll end up eating too much!

Walk from home to Rock Ferry
Walk from James Street to work
Walk from work to James Street
Walk from Birkenhead...

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I just finished my 8th fasting day (3 weeks in). The first 2 weeks I did a 4:3 fast and this past week switched to a 5:2 fast. I've lost a total of 7.5 pounds! I first saw the 5:2 diet on the Today Show/Good Morning America? I immediately downloaded the book and started with the diet the following day. I figured, "what do I have to lose but weight?" The results seem too good to be true and I keep thinking that some of this weight loss is water weight and am waiting for the scale to creep back up (but it hasn't yet). But the results in how my pants fit is no lie! Pants that used to be very snug around my waist are fitting normally now and some are even loose! Wow! I am so pleased with my results thus far. After reading posts from this forum, I see that a big weight loss initially is to be expected but the weight loss should slow down to about a pound per week. (Which is totally fine). I just cannot express how amazed and pleased I am! ...

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Some members have posted that this 5:2 fast diet is easy for them. I have to say, that's sure not the case for me. I've been on it for two months and, while it has definitely gotten easier, it still requires real willpower for me to stick to my guns on fast days. But frankly I don't mind. Not much worthwhile has ever come to me easily. And having to really work for something increases it's value to me.

I've fallen off the wagon with other diet/exercise regimes, but I'm pretty hopeful that this 5:2 will become a way of life for us. My wife joined me in it after the first month, though I never urged her to take it up just because I was. I think the results I was getting spoke for themselves. Of course, it seems to be much easier for men to lose weight, but after three weeks of Diana's not losing much, she suddenly found she'd lost 13 pounds. And she's finding that she had more energy for exercising too. Same as me. We follow Michael Mosley's plan of 600 calories for me and 500 for Diana...

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Ok so today after my 11th fast I jump on the scale eager to receive some good news from my friend (lately, most of the time enemy) down there on the floor and what is the response: 75.3Kg a new PB and almost below the 24 BMI mark (for what is worth).
I know that the number is a consequence of my fasting and running yesterday, but tomorrow is my official weigh in day when I will have finished my 5th week on 5:2 and will then draw the conclusions, but so far so good and I can look at tomorrow with great hopes.
More than the scale what is giving my really good signs is the belt I use with my jeans. I started from -3 hole on it and can easily go into -1 (there aren't any more left), but I am using the second. I am just doing like Bubka when doing the pole vault and attempting his world record. He was advancing just one centimeter at the time and therefore getting the most of it (above all money), by improving little by little.
So do I. I move one notch at the time and leave to myself more...

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