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Third day fast is over on Friday and then it’s was the weekend. I do not plan to fast weekends as I am around the family and they want me to cook and do motherly things.

I did manage to walk home from the event on Friday, even taking a longer route so that I had 1 hour walk in total. I then kept myself busy and ate. I was starving so long walks while fasting is not a viable option for now. I do a short walk in the mornings and leave evenings free to do other things. I hope that it will change eventually when the body is more used to the fasting business.

We have the boat out now so there will be days where I will be picked up for a trip on it before I head home, those days will be take out days. I must say spending the day out in the fresh air and sun is really tiring. I was not starving or anything, I actually bought a salad for my lunch. Coming home means I ate and went to bed early. The day was spent by moving and using my body. I am not much of an eater at home, I tend to lose weight a...

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Yesterday being the one of the first dry,mild-warm days and with nothing planned for the day,I thought it about time to give both front and back gardens the attention they desperately needed. :bugeyes: I'm not really one for trying to upstage or keep up with the Joneses.....But our frontage was beginning to look rather unkept. Weeding/pruning/mowing and mulching (all thats needed now is some colourful seasonal planting) and kerbside appeal has returned :grin: The threat of rain in the afternoon wasn't seeming likely so now was a good as time as any to tackle the back. :neutral: Not huge by any means.....a small patio area for which we have slabs and paving bricks to relay....(DID THAT-but need to level...

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My husband is fast approaching his goal in 3 more pounds! He has decided to work off an additional 5 in anticipation of our London/Paris holiday in September! I have lost 24 and am hoping to stay on track to lose my last 17 in time for our trip. This is 5 more than my original goal but just would like to think i can get down to my high school weight as my husband has! Will break down for some clothes that fit then. Until then we are both enjoying literally tightening our belts! We have several more converts in our little town and all our boasting their losses and how much easier this is than traditional dieting!
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Long time since I wrote a blog so here goes. Everything is going along pretty well. I think I have lost a kg since last weigh in. I haven't been weighing recently. The new scales are a lot less volatile than the old ones and always say the same thing. That means they are good scales! So when they say 69 instead of 70 I take notice. I an being a bit stricter with my fasting days lately so that has to be a good thing. It is a slow business over winter, that's for sure.

I am very happy to have started doing yoga again. I went this morning and I am going to take Tony to 'Stretch and breath' on Wednesday. I love doing it on Monday on my fasting day and I've been twice to the 6.30am class, also on a fasting day. Now i am on school holidays so I might miss that for 2 weeks and support Tony on Wednesdays instead. It would be so good if he decided to go to that regularly but he will need a bit of support to get there!

Today I went to the nursery on the way home from yoga and bought 4...

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Hmm, I do already have a which is mainly about quilting, but also about life, family, dogs etc from time to time. But to keep track of my road to a lesser me with the 5:2 way, I start this one too.

I don't know exactly when I found the 5:2 fasting way, but it must have been during the summer and at once I know "this is it"! I have never felt drawn to diets like GI, LHCF, Weight watchers or such, mostly due to the fact that the kids need normal food and I don't have it in me to cook two different kinds of dishes every day, one is more than enough. And to take out potatoes, rice etc from my own diet has never been my thing.

So I started and lost 2kg, but then got stuck. Well I realize that my minor cheating has put a nail in my spanner.....or more like this urge to eat something even though it isn't absolutely not necessary....even if it has been veggies or a cup of café latte....

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