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Here it is, the day after our Thursday fast. It was, as they said, a lot easier than the first Monday fast. I wasn't so desparately hungry and I avoided a head ache by drinking more water. Dinner was pre-prepared: garden vegetable soup, most of the vegetables from the garden. It was delicious. I decided to put a small shaving of parmesan cheese on it, and I don't think that did any harm. There was also a tiny bit of potato in the soup and a very small amount of risini pasta, so it did have some carbs. But it had about 10 different vegetables and wonderful basil from the garden.

I have been glued to the forum! So interesting to read everyone's experiences and thoughts. I am surprised by the large amount of writing about calorie counting. I guess for people who have always done it, on various diets, it comes second nature. I will not go there. The Don't Go Hungry Diet has taught me to listen to my body. Michael Pollan's books have taught me to eat food, not factory junk. Those are my guidelines....

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The Fast Guide to the Fast Diet - for people too lazy to read the book :geek:
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I had cut out snacking altogether after losing 20 kilos on a traditional diet. When I put six kilos back on two years later, it wasn't through snacking, but rather as a result of eating out, having more wine and nibbles and more calories during meals.

When I began the 5:2 diet in June, I did not have a problem with snacking. However, I've noticed that since coming back from holidays in July, I'm more likely to find myself in the kitchen in between meals on feast days looking for something to eat, not because I'm hungry, but because the old habit of snacking through boredom, stress, etc. is sneaking back. Working at home makes visits to the kitchen very easy!

I tell myself, "it's OK, it's a feast day, you can have a couple of biscuits" but although I'm maintaining my present weight, I still have another kilo to lose and my weight is stagnating.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've decided to fight the temptation because I don't think that snacking is a good idea even if it's...

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Having been on vacation for 5 weeks, I find myself back to where I started in mid-May. So this is essentially a reboot. However, even though the scale is not my friend, I did discover that many clothes were starting to fit again. So not a complete loss!
Back to the grind again, with fasting on Tuesday and Thursday. Also trying to get off coffee again, so this will be a rough week. :)

New plan:
Starting weight (June 21): 63 kg
First goal (August 31): 60 kg
Second goal (September 15): 58 kg

Here we go again!
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Hi guys

Did not get a chance to blog yesterday but I did max out on calories as I ended up having a pie and chips after work as worked late. Still been more controlled today and have decided to have my fast days on a Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday is a good day as I work all day and can manage on Soup and a light evening meal. Sunday I can concentrate on having a nice roast dinner, loads of veg, a little chicken breast with around 100g new potatoes dry roasted.

Have been planning tomorrow's meals too, Planning a nice wholesome chicken casserole cooked in the slow cooker for my dinner. Not worked out calories but trying to stay within 1500 on non-fast days.

Anyway, feeling much better in myself that I am regulating some form of control over my eating habits. I, like most, love my food, enjoy home cooking rather than ready meals, although a trip to Iceland today has supplied my freezer with some necessary WW ready meals as standbys.

Anyway, I am going for a nice relaxing bubble...

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