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Hello Everyone,

I started the 5:2 way of life just over a year ago and I have had great success on it. I did it for 5 months, lost 12kg in total and decided to maintain my weight at that level for the rest of the year. I did this by keeping active and doing the odd fast day.

I had an amazing year, I can run faster, jump higher and I did a Half marathon and I feel great. Oh and I also look better!

Recently I have been getting more into sports and this year I want to be fittest, most healthy me, I can be. Now there is a mission statement!

Today is my first day starting back on 5:2 proper. I just love setting goals and for those of you interested my first goal is to Lose 3kg by 9th of April (I go to New York with my Partner) Whoop! After that I want to lose another 3kg - but I will re-assess when I hit my first goal.

My second goal is to run a marathon in September. Not off to a good start as I hurt my knee (IT Band) jogging last Monday and after resting it all week, I hurt it again...

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Weigh Hay YAY ... The scrumptious yummy 350-450 calorie Krispy Kreme Doughnuts of which I had TWO :shock: Did not have the disasterous effect I was dreading.... :victory: I seem to be on a bit of a plateaux in that my weight gains from last weekend feast is extremely slow to refusing to budge :dazed: Sat 22nd lowest weight ever of 61.7K :victory: Mon 24th 63.2 :shock: 25th/26th :cry: 63.0 27th/28th 62.7 ...

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Has messed up my scales! Makes it seem as if I have lost no weight at all.
So, either I started out heavier than I thought, or being on a different floor has messed the scale up..there is a good 8lb difference it seems.

So to avoid my having either a line going back up, as if I had put weight on, which would depress me and send me running for a dairy milk, I have started the progress tracker again (as well as the Libra app) so all previous data I have deleted.

Scales are in a good spot again, where they will not be moved, so I can at least see progress, even if I am now every so slightly unsure as to exactly how much I weigh!
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Right then, being stuck for such a long time at one weight, figured it's time to go a bit more hardcore. I happily drink black coffee when camping and only when camping - evolved from necessity but now almost prefer it in that setting - so I guess I can learn to like it on fast days. Did that Monday, and it makes things feel quite different, in a good way. Also had to walk up the biggest hill in Brighton carrying a banjo, and felt mildly hungry most of the day which I welcomed as a reminder.

Then evening. For the first time in living memory, no red wine at all. Not even the couple of tablespoons I allow on fast days, as it usually becomes a couple tablespoons more... I don't think I was going over my 500 cal, but then again, may have done, sometimes?

With these two changes, it'll be easier to stay well under 500, and also feel like I'm appoaching the whole day with increased resolve.
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Picking the fast days for me is fairly easy as I run my own business and when 'in the zone', don't think about food at all. One meal in the evening works ok.

It's the downtime where I tend to binge in the past. Thinking about blogging (this is the first time I've done it) seems to keep food out of my focus and it removes the feeling of 'secret eating' which I admit to having a tendency for too.

Today I have friends over and a meal out tonight. While not wanting to obsess about my new way of eating, I'm on high alert. Is that good or bad...time will tell!
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