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Awesome day yesterday - stuck to plan, resisted temptations, consumed a mere 524 calories (I weighed and measured everything).
So, my first completely successful fast was Wed 4/17, and second was yesterday, Thurs 4/25, not exactly 5:2, but I'm working on it.
Scale reflects a total loss of 5.6 lb (2.54kg). I don't want to get overly confident, I weigh daily (it's a habit I have already tried breaking in the past, and may try again) and the scale can give me several different numbers depending on - who knows what. But this mornings number was the higher of three tries, so I'm using that to be on the safe side.
I've already broken my fast this morning with bacon, eggs and bulletproof coffee (coffee with 1T Kerrygold butter, 1T MCT oil, 2T heavy cream) - around 550 calories. The fat alone should last me till late this afternoon! Mmmmmm.
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Just got up on the day after my 2nd fast of week 17 and as its the lowest point of the week weight wise, I took se stats ... A real ego boost today and its still working for me....

I weigh 9 stone this morning.... It will go up a little over the weekend, but today that's a total loss since Jan 22 of 24 lbs

And since then these are the changes in measurements

Bust. 4 and a half inches
Chest 2 and 2/3 inches
Waist. 6 and 1/3 inches
Abs. 6 inches
Hips 4 and 1/3 inches
Thigh 1 and 1/3 inches each
Knee. 1 and 1/3 inches each
Calf. 3/4 inch each
Upper arm. 1 and 1/3 inches each

So a total loss of 33 and 1/3 inches ( counting each leg and arm twice ;). )

I fast twice a week - now mostly liquids only - protein shake and hot chocolate included) and I run several times a week, go for a walk at lunchtimes most days and go hill walking on weekends - the next thing I...

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OMG this shit is amazing!! today is my fourth day of fasting and i've already lost 2.6 kilos! i can't belive it! even after stuffing my face with chocolate!
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Today's my first day. I haven't eaten since 8.00 pm last night. I'm going to the gym at 12.30 and then I'll eat when I return (only about 125 cals though) then main meal tonight. Feeling hungry and my stomach's rumbling but I'm determined. :smile:
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This Fasting is definitely a learning curve. At first I was really scared of it, scared that I wouldn't be able to last without food, that I would feel faint, get headaches, forget I was fasting and eat. All just a little silly now.
I've come to realise after only 6 fasts, that it's not the fast that is the challenge. It's actually quite easy not to eat for the day. One of the challenges is when you do start eating for the day, staying in control and not just eating too much because you haven't had anything yet for the day. It's more a mindset, that I must need food because I haven't had any, than actual hunger.
Another challenge that I have yet to work out is the day after the fast. This week I have felt weak, dizzy at times and just out of sorts on the day after the fast Now considering that we are having another major heat wave and I'm dealing with TTOTM, I'm not sure if it is the heat that is affecting me , not enough water, too much sugar or carbs or the day before's fast. But I...

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