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So just reconfigured my stats using the calculator mentioned earlier and inputting 2 liquid fasts with days looking like this

Mon: 200
Tues: 1000
Wed: 1000
Thurs: 200
Fri: 1200
Sat: 2000
Sun: 1800

That averages at 1057 per week. I am due to hit my 1st goal of 8st 3 on day 52 which is the 8th November - exactly 4 weeks- I won't notice that time with the marathon to be fair. Then 2 weeks later I'm due to hit 8st and after that I don't mind if I lose any more to be honest. 28days to go - I must be strict as we will be coming into the Xmas season and that is always a mess
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On my first real diet day i had a major blip!
uh oh

Lunch - New You mushroom soup - 135 cals
1 Cracker - 35 cals
and i naughtily ate a couple of tiny bits of cheese whilst making my bosses lunch (im a carer) - about 35 cals

Dinner - I tried to fill up with a New you hot choc and a black tea and a water before making my bosses dinner (chilli con carne argh) but it didnt work at all and i had my major blip by eating a plate full! - around 683 cals

- before dinner i was still hungry so i had a New yOu chicken curry noodles - 143 cals with some marmite mixed in and 6 anchovies - 39 cals.

TOTAL CALS = 1,183

This aint good as it was supposed to be a fast day. I have had double the calories I should have!
But god that chilli tasted amazing!

Anyway today is a new day and I will defo fast better today!
Food diary in next blog....
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Original plan was to 4.3 , I've decided to 5.2 again as the weight is slowly moving, not enough to show on my tracker but it's coming off non the less.

Exercise is now reappearing in my life. So I'm really cool about things. Saw 12.9 this morning which is almost back to my pre Xmas low of 12.8.
Valentines challenge seems a long way off though.

Weight 12.9
Going to 16.8 today and the weekend.

Class this morning 6k steps, and 60 active mins.

Gingerbread latte

Poached eggs on toast
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This is my second week on the FAST, not too bad at first! Hopefully this will continue. I'm really excited to see if I can make this work, it seems to feel right. Now if I can really lose and feel better , that will make me happy!!
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I moved house 2 or so years ago.
Not strictly downsizing at retirement, but down-cost -of housing. We can afford for me to hedge my bets by allowing, what I refer to, as gap years from work.
It's still working out well. I've travelled a bit, kept up with grandchildren, sung in 2 main choirs plus a special event choir for a festival overseas and a choral concert with a small for fasting fun and good health and easy meditation. I live near a Sydney beach, so, many walks and vistas beckon. Better not be tempted by champers or shandy at a beachside restaurant! Regards to all, sand in my toes ahoy!
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