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I am totally out of control! Only one fast last week and have eaten way too much all week. I feel fat again! As of tomorrow I am giving up breakfast as a regular thing. I only have toast and coffee at the moment. I find on fast days I do not start to feel hungry until about 2pm. When I have breakfast I want second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, 3pm snack, dinner and chocolate in the evening. This tells me I am better without breakfast for now as it seems to trigger over eating. I would never have thought it possible.
I am back to being fully vegetarian and feel much happier. Means I will reduce the egg mountain! I guess there may be some sort of reaction to this. After all when I started eating meat my insides were bad. It will be hard letting everyone know I am veggie again but will just have to put up with any comments. I feel like I am me again.
So the battle continues, I will keep trying and one day I may even lose some weight. Just don't hold your breath!
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To continue the history lesson, in early January, myself, Moogie and various others who had been following DrM on twitter and were members of the facebook groups were all excitedly waiting for the new official website to be launched that DrM had tweeted about. Sadly, when it did launch it did not really solve the problems of the facebook groups, which is to say that although populated by lots of lovely people, the facebook group format does not have all the possibilities for arranging threads, searching etc. The official website did not improve on the facebook group either - there was no way of starting a new thread, just commenting on articles written by Michael or Mimi. I tweeted Dr M saying I felt there was a desperate need for a forum. Then I spotted Moogie had also tweeted him offering to set up a forum and he had replied "please do" so I immediately contacted her and offered to be a moderator if she needed help. Luckily she accepted my application and I have been hardly...

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No wieght data

Have had a ncie few days in Madrid - ate and drank like a pig. Really feeling bloated and sluggish and so sick of fried food. I've discovered I'm not mad on spanish tapas as basically it is just fried food. I'm going to try do 2 fasts this week. Today and Friday. Coming back from hols I'm not sure a liquid fast is the way to go as I am more likely to binge. I'm really under pressure at work therefore I'm probably going to be too busy for lunch. I'm also still really full and bloated from the holiday.

I'm not sure what I'm going to eat later - maybe a toasted bagel or something - will have to see when we go shopping later.

I'll fill you in tomorrow. 500 cals max today
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Ok so I've let myself down I know what I've done and now I'm going to draw a line under it and start again. Now that it's the summer holidays I'm hoping that I can be focused as when at work I take in only what I can eat but at home with food all around me it may be difficult. So I'm now doing 4.3 for six weeks starting today. :oops:
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So I've joined the club for people who are around the early 70kgs - I'm 72.2kg, last weighing. The idea is we try to get to under 70kg by Christmas. I'm a bit unsure because setting goals and then not reaching them can be discouraging. Now I have learned that the Club President wants us to weigh daily until Christmas. What gets me about weighing, is that I can weight so much, then step off and on the scales again and weigh something else entirely. I'll do this however. I know a lot of people swear by daily weighing, so I'll give it a go. Nothing to lose.

I am pretty comfortable with twice weekly fasting now. Last week we went to Hobart and had a counter tea with friends. I fasted. I had a miso soup at Ross and then a rocket salad with roast lamb for dinner and NO WINE. That was the only slightly hard bit as everyone else was enjoying a good red. Still, I felt great that I had managed to stick with it.

Today I don't feel at all hungry. I have forgone the Miso soup. I wonder if Summer...

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