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Original plan was to 4.3 , I've decided to 5.2 again as the weight is slowly moving, not enough to show on my tracker but it's coming off non the less.

Exercise is now reappearing in my life. So I'm really cool about things. Saw 12.9 this morning which is almost back to my pre Xmas low of 12.8.
Valentines challenge seems a long way off though.

Weight 12.9
Going to 16.8 today and the weekend.

Class this morning 6k steps, and 60 active mins.

Gingerbread latte

Poached eggs on toast
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Time to reflect and plan.
Just over a year ago, I started fasting on Mondays & Thursdays, eating 3 small meals. I weighed about 12st 4 lbs. On other days I changed what had been my normal way of eating - low fat low GI - to include a bit more fat. I soon changed to eating just once a day in the evening. I slowly began to lose weight and inches. My average weekly calorie intake was around 12200. I was going to Curves about twice a week and walking at moderate pace for 1 hour five times a week. I estimate this exercise burned about 1500 cals a week - so on 10700 net I was losing weight.
Last September, following advice from a physiotherapist, I swapped my regular walking for cycling,and gave up Curves. Other activities such as kayaking,longer cycles and the odd 5 mile walk stayed the same. My estimate for my regular weekly exercise now is about 400 cals. I weigh around 11st 6lbs and I consume about 11000 cals a week, still fasting on 2 days. I haven't really lost any weight or inches...

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Yesterday, I had a sudden descent into gloom and despondency but blogging about my state of mind helped enormously.

Today is a fast day - not easy when hormone are going haywire. I've walked about 4 miles and avoided food all day until 7pm when I had a light meal that came in under 400 cals. Lee-way for an apple before bed if my stomach starts grumbling.

I don't feel deprived today because I treated myself to a pedicure. No cakes, chocolate, biscuits or crisps but ten very pretty scarlet- tipped toes.

I am baking up a storm and listening to the radio - which is stopping the 'eating from evening boredom' in its tracks. The cakes are for a friend so I don't feel inclined to eat 'em.

At this rate, my halo will be blinding!

Still, what have I learned today? To exercise (walk) to take my mind off food on a fast day. To treat myself with something that will give me enjoyment for longer than the instant fix of chocolate. That sunshine chases away the hormonal gloom.
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Hello Readers

For anyone interested, and my own memory!
I'm quite surprised how well 5:1 works out for me this time. When I say this time, I mean I've played with the concept a few times, but the previous fast days didn't give the boost I'm getting now.
So what's different?
First of all I've been around paleo for a while, but been bad at keeping it straight. The thing is, we love bread at home. While cutting away potatoes, rice and whatnot carb in sight, bread was/is the thing we miss most - and the downfall of previous attempts to get rid of some 10-15 kilos too much. While others could eat a lot of cream, eggs and bacon and still lose weight, I couldn't, and then gave up being consistent.

This time 5:2 has given results right away, in kilos lost and in general "lightness". So these are the "rules" that work now:
1. On eat days, don't feel guilty, EAT!
2. On eat days, do not binge either.
3. Skip carbs, go for vegetables and the good fats. (Eat better stuff)
4. On...

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Hi, I am new to the forum, in fact new to forums. I am uncertain as to how I put all my info wt, bmi, age etc. can someone advise a technophobe 60yr old?
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