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Seeing as I normally blog on a fasting day,(I find its a good way to keep me focused) I thought I'd put a quick entry here regarding Thursday's fast. It was an immense struggle from around 12pm until dinner at 6pm. But after dinner, as always, I got my mojo back and was very positive. I had an earlyish night and slept like a baby. I have read on here that some people find it difficult to sleep when fasting, but since I started this WOL I have been sleeping incredibly well, better than i have for years! Friday morning I literally bounced out of bed, (again something I haven't done for a few years) and headed to the scales, and I was surprised to see that I have now dropped below the 12.5 stone mark. My scales are those old fashioned ones that don't give you the digital reading, I might invest a set to accurately measure my weight loss. Well I have lost over 1/2 stone in five weeks which I am incredibly proud of. So keep fasting, if I can do it anyone can! ...

0 Comments   Viewed 1485 times I fasted on Friday (7th Feb) and despite going to bed hungry on Friday night I slept really well. An interesting side effect was that I had loads of energy on Saturday and after a pleasing weigh in and a healthy breakfast, I got a load of housework done.

I have decided on a healthy eating/diet plan that I think will work for me. One of the hardest things in my opinion, is finding a regime that works for you. It is too easy to see what others have done (peers, siblings, celebrities) and slavishly copy them. I am bucking the trend and am going to do the following:

* Fast two days of the week (always a Monday and one other day to be decided on an ad hoc basis. The reason for the Monday fast is because I'll have a big Sunday dinner and so it makes sense to make the following day afast day.)
* Eat healthily for the remaining three working days of the week. This means trying to stick to around 1200 - 1500 cals per day and eschewing wine for the five working days of the week. This...

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I'm still the same weight as last week, 10st 3lbs. Okay given my mixed week.

One pound off for Mr LJ who is now 11st 9lbs so well done to him :victory:

I'm off to run around like a headless chicken. I hope you all had good news from the scales. And for those celebrating Mother's Day this weekend have a lovely time - I'm getting a new toilet - don't tell me romance is dead!
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Chocolate, yep I wanted it, it was there, I had it end of story.

Body felt yuck last few mornings and no wonder, don't think I'm going to shift any weight this month, but I'm not stressing, it's all good and it's my usual fast day today which is going well.
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I feel like I've entered the doldrums of weightloss, where everything goes sooooo sloooowly.... But I've finally touched the 152's! Yay! And I went clothes shopping this past weekend (my body was looking so frumpy in my baggy old clothes) and I now wear 8's and mediums (USA) instead of the 12/14's and L/XLs I was wearing before!!! I felt fantastic, to say the least! And I'm only just over halfway to my goal weight! When I was 142 lbs, I remember being able to fit into 6's, and I imagine when I get to 136 lbs (my goal) I'll be fitting into 4's, which I've never done in my whole life!

My progress is reminding me of my friend who first told me about 5:2 three or four years ago and successfully lost a significant amount of weight on it over the course of 6 months. I'm so delighted to be following in her footsteps!

Going back to the subject of slow weight loss, I realized that the reason I have been so frustrated with the slowing pace of it has very little to do with this method of eating...

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