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Just did a step class while on my fast day! I thought I was going to be full of energy, but I'm knackered! I'm sitting on my sofa, should be having my 500 calorie meal, but haven't got the energy! I wonder if I should have eaten something before I went? I've been doing the 5:2 for 2 weeks. :starving: has anyone else done this too and felt tired? :confused:
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Hands up! Fasted ok , resisting many things until 5pm then lost it. Went way over my 500. Cannot really say why, I just felt an over whelming need to eat. The car event we love was not the same, having been hi jacked by the French. We won't go next year. Another stage over. Maybe that was part of it. Slowly all the things I have loved doing have gone. It started when we sold our beautiful Corvette. It had to go as was not suited to rural France but I miss it dreadfully. I also miss the social life that came with the car. All the events we went to. Sorry, I am a petrol head. I found it all too much being surrounded by hundreds of French people I could not understand. I speak pretty good French but in a great crowd with so many talking at once I could not cope. It has made me very sad to leave all that behind. I guess this would happened at some stage in England, being in France has made it happen earlier. My focus now is on self sufficiency, a long way from a petrol guzzling American performance...

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I've had a sociable weekend what with an on/off fast/rest day on Saturday. My own views prevailed about 'no food wastage', so, I had to eat the healthy scraps in the fridge,didn't I? Couldn't allow them to rot,no no no...and I insist on the quality of life benefits of joining in celebrations,so, social meals trumped quiet repast, or fast. Plus there was a book launch and wine to be drunk, so food must be eaten to sop up the vino! Then, next day, a brunch table full of delicious homemade 'bring a plate' dishes.
The memory of all those tastes makes it easier to allow a sense of hunger to develop through the day.
I am still a lay down muzaire when it comes to social occasions and eye popping platters and up to mouth pleasures! The broccoli soup I'll swear, had cream in it, omg...the banana cake just asked to be buttered! But now, I can relish the rest. I can turn my attention elsewhere.
It's my all day all night light day. Saliva and enzymes can siesta a bit.
I'm on my day of fast/repair/replenish...

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Lost well at first with fasting then weight stabilised and couple of weeks went by without losing which at the time was very frustrating. However I recognise the pattern and kept telling myself that this was just my body making adjustments. Last week I didn't fast because of my Mum dying and surprisingly lost 2lb. I fasted yesterday and this morning the scales show another 1lb gone. I am expecting this to wobble a bit, up again then down then up and then start going down again. It seems as if every time I lose a few lbs my body needs to stop and sort itself out before I can lose any more. So instead of a nice straight line moving towards my goal my weight loss is up and down, but mainly down, it just needs time to see the overall trend.
So I feel I'm back on track. I want to be kind to myself over the next few weeks as have lots to sort out both emotionally and practically with my mum dying. But I find the 5:2 fasting very easy to do and will carry on. I've given myself until Easter to...

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It might have been @carieoates suggestion to try a re-feed. So that is what I did last week. I stayed off the forum completely (I was also really busy so no forum time).

So I'm starting over. I have not weighed myself, but I think I weigh more than ever, ie more than when I started last August.

Nearly a year wasted. Ah well.
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