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Another successful week - YIPEE!!

I've lost another 1.3kg in the last week - and am so pleased as I thought it would start to slow a bit now. However, when I look back at my last week - although my feast days have been a bit out of control - my fast days have been good and I've upped my exercise levels considerably. My Charity Bike Ride is now less than 5 weeks away and I am doing some hard cycling sessions everyday so really my weight loss shouldn't be a surprise

I am a day later recording my stats this week as had to move the normal Monday fast day to Tuesday - as got guests.

Only 2.7kgs away from my first target weight and I really feel I can achieve this before I go on the charity ride - if I stick to the 5:2.

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Well not posting as often as I'd thought.

Its been an OK weekend, some snacking at work on Saturday and a yummy Saturday dinner of parsnip and shallot tart tatin (sounds strange I know but was delicious) and strawberry tart, both made by my hubby who always cooks on Saturdays.

Today also OK including my weekly mini-binge of two packs of McCoys crisps and a crunchie bar.

Crisps are my weakness. My achilles heel. I just can't get enough. I have had several days when I have eaten literally NOTHING else in a day. Just crisps at breakfast time, lunch time and dinner time. I can't count the number of times I've eaten a 6-pack, 10-pack or 12-pack in one go. Mt record was a jumbo 16-pack multi-pack eaten in one go. My binging on crisps started as a child and has haunted my my whole life. I decided to join Slimming World when, on the way back from a trip to the supermarket I'd eaten a whole 6-pack before I even got home, on the bus. And it wasn't the first time either. I was at a Slimming World...

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Just completed second fast of this week:

Calories 309
Carbs 48% (38g)
Fat 23% (8g)
Protein 29% (23g)

Lunch only - young coconut water - fresh no meat
White miso soup with veggies
Builders Protein Bar (chocolate peanut butter)
Seaweed snacks

Would like to do another one this week, but not possible so 16:8 all the way now until next Tuesday.

First time I have done a proper 5:2 for about a month so feeling happier about myself.
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Hi .Its been a while since I visited this website. A few weeks ago I went to a wedding and then took a trip away. I put half a stone on in two weeks. Got back on track after my holiday and have shed 5 pounds in two weeks. Sitting here now nearly a stone and a half lighter than when I started - is a great feeling. I'm now planning to do some more exercise and tone myself up a bit. The best bit is now feeling more comfortable in my clothes and buying size large instead of XL!I will carry on doing this until i'm completely satisfied and comfortable in my own skin.
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Read Michaels book, saw him on BBC and started diet this week.. Hoping it becomes a lifestyle for me. love reading all your blog.
QA; starting with 5:2 Can I fast from 8pm to 8pm on my fast day?Either with 500 c or maybe without. Then on my feast day start with dinner at 8pm and roll over to my feast day the next day. I have read all blogs about times and fasting ;either fast day all day through bedtime or feast day through bed time. Is there an advantage to the 24 hr fast I propose cause you go through night and completely through next day till dinner at 8..
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