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It's been over a month sine my last weigh in and recording my stats. My charity bike ride has now taken place and we went back of the IF diet yesterday with my first fast day for over a month, have woken this morning after a good nights sleep and feeling chuffed with myself as coped yesterday better than I expected to. Also - weighed less than I expected to as when i got back from the ride I have put on a couple of kilos - eating nearly 3000 calories a day on the ride hadn't helped. Now down to 71.6kg - still some way to go but going in the right direction.

Roll on next week with 2 fast day!
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So, today is my first fast without my BF off work to distract me and its going well. I'm trying to fast with only liquid and an evening meal for the first time, it's going well but the hunger is just starting to kick in. I've made the rather daft mistake of cooking a roast chicken for my BFs meal this evening and the smell of it is torture, especially seeing as my favourite part is eating the juicy, crispy skin straight off the chicken as it comes out the Oven :S I've just pulled all the chicken off the bones for later, I couldn't help but have a couple of slivers of it, nommeth. I've set my portion aside for this evening, all my veg and potatoes are weighed up and ready to be cooked, I'm so looking forward to it! But I've used my entire 500 calories up on the one meal so nothing else may pass my lips today :D

Just got myself 2 new fish so I'm going to concentrate on them, hoping that watching them...

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Hi -
I've done quite a bit of research and am excited to start on this new way of eating! I am mainly doing it to lose about 8 pounds that I've slowly put on over the past few years. I'm a 45 year old stay at home mom. I workout 5 days a week and for the most part, feel pretty healthy. I like what this plan has to offer in term of flexibility and am exciting to start. I'd like to keep my fast days to Mon & Thurs so here on day 1, I'm just trying to eat normally.

I'd love any support or advice from long-term fasters!

Day 1: Non-fasting day
Weight: 124
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I need to rcord this absolutely great feeling I have.

I was so scared this morning when I thought about having so few calories...

But it was fine, I skipped breakfast, starting my food at 11am with some pickled gherkins and a black coffee.

Lunchtime a piece of pitta and 50g hummus

3pm a fruit salad (strawberry, blueberry, banana)

8pm two poached eggs on one slice of toast.

I had one black coffee and 2 litres of water and a miso soup

For my weight 20.5 lb I had 665 calories on a fast day and I used 670.

Apart from a headache I was surprised how much I enjoyed the control I had!

Next fast day is thursday
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My first fast day today not has bad has I thought. I felt really hungry about 4pm had a glass of water and went and had a chat. Feeling a bit peckish now but not truly hungry. :like:
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