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Almost a stone but have to be honest been a bit poorly this week no appetite an a bit dehydrated but yesterday felt much better and ate quite a bit im really really hungry today :starving: so don't feel this weight is accurate but will push on .i know I should be celebrating but feel next week might be bad as Ill be eating an drinking normally .Just have to wait an see .
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I forgot to say in my other entry that I started the 5:2 diet reluctantly. I have like many others done EVERY diet on the planet and was at the stage in my life were I was bored and fed up with my yo yo dieting over the last 30 ish years. However my daughter was getting married in August 2013 so I started the diet in February. It's a good job I did as the weight loss was slower than I expected. However the thing that kept me going more than anything was my husband Simon. He suggested and started the diet with me. I am competitive and I couldn't let him lose weight and me stay the same. He lost it a lot quicker than me, 2 stone in 4 months. I was proud of him. But if I'm being honest I was also a bit peeved at his steady weight loss and how easy he found it .grrrrrrrr. Anyway he kept me motivated and I am still going thanks to him! He looks amazing and is now off his blood pressure tablets for the first time in five years . Amazing! So thank you my Hubby, for kicking my a** Lol
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The weight is not coming off as fast as I thought it would. A little over 4 weeks and I lost 4.6 lbs. That is a little over a lb a week. They said the diet has you lose a lb a week, so I guess I am on target with this program.
Over time (a year) you can lose a significant amount of fat weight and it stays off. I will just continue because my clothes do feel looser. Measuring is really hard since it is hard to remember exactly where I had the tape measure the first time. :doh:
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Hi I am completely new to the program! I decided to start today, my ,main problem is I have huge cravings. I am studying abroad in Italy and since I came here I gained 5 kilos about 12 pounds. The food is just so good! The problem is now I am officially chubby... It is really evident on my body frame since I am usually very tiny. I thought this diet might help me since I can basically eat whatever I want for 5 days and then just have to fast for 2 is that correct or am I dreaming? Ho healthy do the 5 days have to be in order for the diet to work?
I would love to hear tips and suggestions!!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Amazed myself and managed my fast with no problem. Actually went 22 hours without eating.
On the personal front I am pleased to say I won the battle for my father and it has been agreed that someone will be in the home 24/7. They are not happy about it but using the right language pushed them to agree. My eldest daughter who helps him out with laundry, shopping and cleaning will check each time she goes in that someone is there.
With regard to my cat, I visited her again today and she has had the nasal tube removed but still has the drip. She is eating a little now and was quite chatty with me. When I got up to go she tried to follow me. We are to go again tomorrow afternoon and there is a chance we will bring her home. She will be on medication and special food for a while and will need regular checks.
I am pleased to say my stress levels have reduced drastically.
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