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I'm now right back where I started last August. Since January I have gained 6kg. All of the clothes I bought do not fit anymore and I'm thoroughly miserable about it. I did 3 fasts this week and gained 1.3kg in total. I have no clue anymore and going back to dieting for a while as this is as miserable as a 'diet' for me now.
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waist 24, tummy bulge 31

That is basically a month on this diet and since I started keeping a blog - it also includes a 2 week holiday. I am certainly down weight - about 5lbs if not more. I definitely feel better and while fast days are easier- I don't like them

So I have no way to weigh myself at the moment so took some measurements as I felt skinnier when I woke up this morning- my tummy was definitely flatter. I know that when I came back from USA my waist was about 28 and my tummy tyre was about 35 but this has significantly decreased now as you can see. So in the end I really struggled yesterday by the end of the day. I was so glad for the end to come but by the time I was going to bed my tummy was gurgling like a lunatic. I was trying to listen to a weightloss hypnosis app and my tummy kept interrupting me.....along with my brother. I'm staying at my parents for a few days for work and the house is a mad house. 11pm I'm trying to mediatate and my brother is up and down the stairs...

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The whole baby steps has taken a new meaning. I am surely but slowly losing weight. I am pleased about it as gaining is devastating and maintaining is frustrating. The whole food issue is frustrating. How does one balance enjoying life and eating healthy. I want to be healthy as I want to be a pensioner who travels the world and does stuff. I also need to get serious about my exercise. I cannot say I enjoy exercising or getting sweaty but I see and feel the benefits.

Autumn and winter is coming. The dreaded period for me, the Asian who was born and bred in a sunny country. Each winter is a struggle for me and I have done light therapy and what not and it does not really help. Maybe this year I will win the lottery and get to move to a sunny country??

This WOL is totally taken over my life in a good way. I am satisfied with small amount of food and due to that I try to consume totally natural nutrient rich foods. I have eaten so much vegetables that it is coming out of my nose so to say....

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Seemed to have lost my last post. I am now down 3 lbs. Yay! Added running back into the mix today. Run/walk really...So cold outside but was able to do it without turning into a block of ice. Walked a 5k on Saturday. Digestion is a little topsy turvy but that's pretty much always the case. :clover:
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Hubby and I spent a bit of time today sorting through our 'too big' clothes and the charity sack is full to brimming. It was almost as good as buying new clothes...the "Look how big these are!" comments and "Those trousers are a bit clown-like now on you," and then designating the article to the sack was a good feeling. Mind you hubby said it's going to cost a small fortune to re-clothe ourselves at some point. However I think we might need to have 'capsule' wardrobes... and be really careful what we buy. We're feeling pretty happy today! Wishing you all a happy 'fast diet' future too.
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