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Hello to everyone ! :like:
I am just starting on this plan and hope that it will work for me.
I have always been quite slim but since I had an accident and it was discovered I had a collapsed disc and hernia on my spine I seem too have put weight on due to being inactive.
I was up to 11 stone at xmas but have tried dieting and am now down to approx. 10st 7 ( 68.5 kilos ) Goal weight is 9st 5 , Hopefully :wink:

Good luck to all who are also starting today.
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Well today is the day, day one of fasting. Weighed myself 71.9kg What The? lol. ok fine i need to do this i want to at least get in the 60's in two weeks time. Have to weddings to go to, why have i left this so late. Oh well that's life.

Wished i prepared my food yesterday, but did a quick rush thing this morning. Low GI muesli, low fat yogart and strawberries yummooo. Hanging out for a cup of coffee as well, so had that or else i won't function. My job is so full on i need to be with it. Might go for a walk lunch time, i brought in my running shoes, need some fresh air.

Im trying not to think of food, have brought in 2ltr water to drink with lemon in it, nice taste actually. Brought in my green tea if i need it as well.

Dinner tonight is minestrone soup. Hope this satisfy my hunger.

Will write up more tommorrow.
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Marzipan. 500g of Marzipan, eaten in the car, alone. Whilst driving. OK so I didn't eat it all in one go, but for goodness sake, why?? I ate it over 4 days, I even hid it from myself so I wouldn't 'cheat' on my fast day. I didn't by the way, cheat that is. What I probably have done is scupper all the good work achieved in week one which was a stonking loss of 4.5 lbs. I want to reach 168 and i'm nearly there. Not as my target you understand but as a little, personal milestone. If I keep chomping on marzipan, that isn't going to happen.

I'm trying to understand why I do this sort of thing. I'm hoping I've learned from this experience - don't buy marzipan unless under strict supervision. The funny thing is, I've changed in other positive ways with my food choices. Secret toast slathered with butter/clover is a thing of the past - wooo hooo. I am genuinely delighted about that and I do feel more in control of my eating quirks. I don't know if they are binges, but they could be....

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This week has had some trials, I think I'm over the worst of it right now. On Monday I had to take a day off work because I was in so much pain with my back, which is what I was afraid would happen once I started physio again. So Mondays fast day was pretty easy, laid in bed all day sipping water and black coffee. Over the weekend I had been talking to my best friend Michelle who is starting weight loss again and has seen the results I've had with IF and wants to combine that with paleo- we then had a long talk about carbs and something in my brain snapped, this week I wanted to try low carb. I have resisted anything sweet (a huge achievement for me), crackers, cakes, I don't eat bread so that's a no brainer. Only tricky part has been dinner when I don't cook for myself, I've been leaving potatoes and sweet corn and anything remotely carb-esk and it's paid off! Yesterday I was 93.5kg!!! I never thought I could get down this low, I felt on top of the world!
Today I had an appointment at...

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I used 5/2 before and successfully lost weight on it. Then lost a bit more by juicing and then being unwell for 9 days! Got to 9 St 13 and stayed there for a good 8 months without 5/2. However over past couple months have gained a few pounds, maybe only 4 at most but its creeping. I still have BMI of 21.5 so no biggy but I want to be back where I was and maybe a few pounds less for good measure. I have therefore restarted 5/2. I think it gives great regulation and I hope to lose the few pounds plus, then maintain with it. So that's my story so far. Last time I did not think to seek advice and help but now I have found the forum I think its brilliant.

So I restarted this Monday (bank holiday I might add) and my first fast was absolutey fine. Really pleased as was nervous, a little. Normal day today (Tuesday) and fasting again tomorrow. Going to a friends for dinner this weekend so might do a further semi fast on Friday (maybe 1000 cals ish). Not sure about this yet though, day at a time....

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