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My original plan was two weeks of 4:3, 14:8. After reading more on this forum and due to diary commitments I have decided only to fast two days this week - which I have already done.

I'm now lost though. Can I part-fast? Should I calorie count? Do I just eat what I want?

I don't get it, and I feel uncomfortable. I like the structure and rules of other diets whereas this seems a suck it and see, and find which way works for you within quite a wide range of guidelines. I can see the advantage of that but for me, I am lost.

I have worked out my TDEE which depending on what method I use ranges from 1200 to 1700 so that gives me no help.

I need to lose weight and I don't want to waste time getting it wrong - what if I eat too much? what if I eat too little?


Today I have managed 14:10 (11am - 6pm) and I have eaten 1300calories of healthy and nutritional food ( I haven't eaten 1300 calories of cake...

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Wahooooo :) nearly finished my first day back on the 5:2/4:3 diet! Feeling really great! Started the day with no breakfast, then had a nice little ham salad for lunch. Then went to the gym and had a really good session for me. I am starting to run again and want to be at 10k in about 10 weeks, so have started a really good new programme. Ran for 15 mins today, 3 min walk then another 10 mins run to finish. Might not sound a lot to some people but for me thats great! Did just over 4k. Then came home and ate chicken breast with salad and broccoli :) very successful fasting day. Gona try and eat healthy tomorrow, but not be overly strict. Feeling so good :) ...

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Well here I go into my second week. This is the first "diet" well to me it is a change in thinking that I feel will really work for me. I have tried every type of around seen dietitians and have not felt this positive ever. My mum died due to obeseity so I know from first hand experience and should know better but have been going around in circles for years. But this feels right I am even looking forward to my fast day tomorrow. Love the forum great to read people's experiences. :smile:
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I'm doing both and I thinks it's probably easier. I'm already off many carbs and grains.
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Oh Bovril, my new beefy,bosom friend,I :heart: you.

I am in a funny/peculiar mood just now. Been reading some lines from the boards, best lock myself in my blog as not everyone will appreciate my sense of humour.
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