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I completed my first fast day today & found it alarmingly easy. I decided to fast on Tuesday & Thursday as I'd be busy at work & hopefully wouldn't be bothered about food too much. That was certainly the case today, no time to think of eating! Managed to drink lots of water or black coffee though.

Dinner was pretty boring, just steamed veg with some cheese sauce. Total lack of planning. I must make more effort with the planning or I'll be in trouble. I rarely plan dinner until just before & I don't think I can afford to do that now.

I was ready an article today by someone who isn't a 5:2 fan. he wrote about starving yourself to the point of near collapse & not being able to concentrate. I wonder if he has actually tried it as I didn't feel like that at all.

I'm pleased with my first day & I'd like each fast day to be as easy.
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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Finally took the plunge and started the 5:2 diet this past Monday. I've been lugging along a lot of extra weight for a few years already but I've just been burned out with dieting. This plan actually sounds doable and I am excited to see it in action. Here it goes!

Starting Weight: 99 kg.
Interim Goal: 90 kg
Long Term Goal: 68 kg

The first two days I prepared myself mentally. I ate consciously until I was satisfied but not stuffed. That meant stopping after 4 slices of whole wheat bread, though normally I can just keep going and going, eating over half a loaf at a time. It meant eating a few slices of pizza but forgoing the warm chocolate souffle at a family party on Tuesday night.

I woke up on Wednesday, my first scheduled fast day, mildly hungry, but I think it was really more psychological. I had a coffee with 2 oz 1% milk (31 calories) around 9:00 am and a small red bell pepper (23) around 11:00 am.

After that I fasted and didn't even realize...

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Total loss this month... -8 lbs. I am jumping for joy and have to pinch myself awake. Will this continue? I am having trouble believing what the scale is saying. I am post menopausal and EVERYTHING I ate up until starting this fast diet made me gain weight. I felt like a train running off the rails. I NEVER want to go there again.

Progress note: Total loss since June 17th is -29 lb. Christmas Challenge here I come!
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Today has been a GOOD day. Newly discovered will power (thanks are due to ADFnFuel
And SallyO for their support) meant that today I have not only said 'No thank you' to ice-cream, home-baked lemon cake, chocolate brownies and sausage rolls (with very golden looking flaky pastry) but also had a black coffee instead of the glass of Pimms I was offered.

Yes, yes, the halo is sickening.

It was National Open Gardens Day so I pootled around several beautiful gardens where lots of home-baked goodies were on sale. I put money in the charity collection boxes but didn't put any of the goodies (and, believe me, they did look good) in my mouth.

I came home and carried on fasting until 8pm when I ate a salad of beetroot, avocado, tomatoes, salad leaves, peppers, mangetout, broad beans and prawns. Came in under 500 cals. I got a carb kick from the beetroot and broad beans, some healthy oils from the avocado and protein from the prawns. Kept away from refined sugars/starches which seem to be my nemesis....

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Well yesterday I did - twice. On a Ramblers walk, we first stopped at one tea shop and I bought a slab of ginger cake, drank green tea and waited till my window opened at 2, ate a Babybel so as not to start off with carbs, and then had the ginger cake.

The group arrived at the pick-up point early, so after more Babybel and a boiled egg, I found myself in a tea shop with an older lady and we treated ourselves to a piece of coffee and walnut gateau (wonder why it did not occur to us to share?)

I think this counts as social eating, which I do not do often, so although cake = Sugar and flour (don't care about the fat) which I generally avoid, I did not stress about it.

This morning I was 3 pounds lighter. Therefore cake is diet food. No, rubbish of course it isn't. What this illustrates is that my body does not do instant feedback, so I don't panic if I plateau or gain, as I did last week.

I don't believe in calories in, calories out so I have a different paradigm to keep me motivated....

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