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Got a lovely compliment from one of my co-workers today about how trim I was looking. It was nice because I was beginning to think that no one was noticing. I'm glad to see that someone else can see the changes that are happening.

I hit a new low number today, bringing my total loss to 14.5 pounds now. Yeah! Only a few more to go till I hit my interim goal weight of 209 pounds. I picked that number because it was the lowest number I saw in 2012 (while doing WW the last time). Once I get past that number I'll entering new territory on the scale for the first time in a long time. And I'm really excited about that.

Today I had a lovely lunch with a friend who is off on sick leave after knee surgery. I brought lunch (quiche, salad, and pumpkin pie) and we had a nice visit. Currently I'm at home and had been considering finishing off the last few cookies but stopped myself when I realized that I wasn't hungry. What an empowering decision to really stop, think about it, and then...

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Read most of the book and ready to get rid of some fat. It may be a slow process but going for it. Hope weather clears up although snow forecast as the bike and golf are calling. Burn those calories
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So the new scales arrived. A little bit of me, of course, hoped that when I stepped on them, even though Xmas, husbands 50th and various other parties have happened since the last time I weighed, somehow I would be lighter than I remembered. I posted my first guess in on here as 213lbs. Of course, it was higher. But - and I am focusing on the positive here - only 4lbs more. It could have been much, much worse. And I am grateful just to have a little way to go before I am lower than my last weigh in.

It has been a crappy day today. Fallen out with one of my kids who behaved very badly on the way home from school. I immediately wanted to eat, preferably chocolate. But having to be resolute and roll with the punches. So I had a cup of tea instead.

I am also going to weigh in again in the morning, since the naked morning weigh in is my preference for consistency.

The scales are the body monitor type. I know they're not completely accurate but I am hoping it will be relatively accurate,...

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To recap, after four weeks I'd lost only the two pounds I lost in the first week;so thought I'd make some changes to my methods.
The first change was to slightly reduce my calories on the fast days - I'd been doing around 500 per day but managed to cut this by about 50-60.
The second was to cycle the four miles to and from work each day.

In week 5 I did exactly this and lost three pounds!
I'd like to have been more scientific about this and only changed one aspect at a time to see which one worked best but I'm fairly certain it was the cycling which did it.
In week 6, I spent a lot of the week away with family so my fast days were squeezed into the end of the week and I didn't cycle but I still lost a pound. This could be because whilst I didn't cycle, I did do a lot of walking and was very active all week, instead of my usual sedentary job. It's been so much easier over the weekend to be active too - sunny weather is such a bonus. We've spent all weekend...

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Such a long time with no blog so it's time for a catch up.
It was my birthday on Friday - 62.
I haven't lost any weight since last summer and I'm ok with that, but I hope I do lose more when this summer comes.
I wore my new red dress to the party on Saturday. It was bought with local currency and is quite a posh dress. I even bought some lipstick to wear with it as it was the kind of dress that made you think 'lipstick'. Everyone complimented me on my appearance and I think it was the weight loss as well as the red dress. I don't wear stockings so I wore black leggings under neath which looked a bit odd, but so what! I reckon when I get to 62 I can wear what I like to my own party.
I have been fasting nearly 18 months and it is hardly an issue any more. I just do it. I have learned some tricks. I think it's good to have nothing all day and then have a more or less normal evening meal, early but no wine or heavy carbs.
The house renovations which were in full swing when I started fasting...

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