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I'm fat. Not big, heavy, chubby or jolly. Fat. FAT. Carrying too much weight, mostly around the middle. According to a popular newspaper I am going to keel over any minute now of a heart attack, breast cancer or something else equally unpleasant. I've dieted. Lots. Once I dieted down to 9 stone. I looked fabulous. For what felt like 10 minutes. Now I am middle aged and fat. I also have high cholesterol and a parent with diabetes. So I've decided to take the slow and steady path and after years of yo yo dieting try the 5:2 diet.

I weighed 14 stone 10 at my fattest. I lost 7lb of that on a standard diet at the start of the year (yes, yes, I was one of those people that started a new year diet, how terribly predictable). Then I fell off the diet fell onto the weight. Last weigh in (before today) was 14 stone 4lb. So on Feb 3rd I started the 5:2 diet. I fasted Monday (no breakfast, 200 cal salad for lunch, some fruit and a piece of fish for dinner). I went over the 500 cals...

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Hello - looking for information on how to change user status to maintenance. I noticed that the stats on weight loss are tracking how much weight is lost for 5:2ers weekly. My status shows that I'm not losing much weight and the reason is because I've reached my goal and am just maintaining. I actually lost almost 2 lbs per week while on the program but the chart shows me as losing 1/2 lb. a week because I haven't changed to maintenance. I want people to know how successful the program is and my stats can help but it's not correct right now. Any suggestions?
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I lost 6lb last week! I think the last two weeks losses are skewed because of my surgery (the first weeks loss may have been higher if not for swelling from surgery and the second week would've been a bit lower) but overall 8lb in 2 weeks is amazing and something I have never achieved before in my life! It's not even as if it can be put down to water loss as I was already calorie counting and lost 6lb in the month before I discovered 5:2
5:2 seems to be agreeing with me. It suits my eating and it is lovely to skip breakfast and thus skip the pressing of the hungry button!
My OH, sister and daughters have all warned me not to lose too much more as become quite gaunt when I hit normal BMI, even the top end of it! I am holding my boobs to account for that though. They don't get much smaller in themselves and they must weigh a bit, but my back gets smaller.
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Hi there,

I am new to this site, but been doing the 5:2 for three weeks, just embarking on my fourth week. I was really please and had lost 5lb however hopping on the scales this morning shows a gain of 5lb plus an extra 1pound!!! How can that be...I was so disappointed and I have done nothing different this last week. So I have moved my fast day to tomorrow when I am in a better frame of mind. I am so desperate to loose the weight and don't know where I am going wrong. I though I had cracked it but obviously not!!! please help...... :confused:
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My poor 3 year old grandson has been cuddled up to me all day suffering in pain and covered in awful pox blisters. We put on cream and love and even got a little food and drink into him at intervals but he's never been so ill before. His older brother had them 2 weeks ago and got off much lighter luckily. Two more days should see it start to clear hopefully. :heart:

So in consequence today I've only had 1000 cals as recommended by the super Carorees and tomorrow I shall stick with 1687, then Friday a proper fast day of 420 cals. Hoping this will get me into the 74kgs where I've not been for many a year. :geek:
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