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Fast two over , and I can honestly say I was not hungry,even by the time inwasndue to eat at 2030hrs. Somehow not eating at all switched off my desire to eat. I did enjoy my meal fish cake and salad but I wasn't ravenous. Normally by the time I finish work and have had lunch and breakfast and snacks , I am so hungry I could eat a horse between two bread vans lol.. And I am irritable until I have eaten, but not today. I drank camomile tea and had chewing gum but apart from that nothing. Seems once you start eating you want more and if you don't start then the fast, for me anyway is easy. Even better I now I have 3 days of feed days .
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so i know this is only my second week of fasting, so i am still in the honeymoon period, but i have been finding it really easy - i keep thinking it can't be this easy,am i missing something?

However the weight has been coming off - i know and am prepared for hitting a wall but i am sure i will have a wee while before that happens. The only side effect i have been having is feeling a little tired earlier in the evening but then i have also been busy at work. And i have been a bit off with the kids but no headaches, no stomach pains - the hunger hasn't been bad at all.

I have found the past 2 weeks really liberating - i am doing something that is making a difference to my health with very little hassle factor. Motivation is high and long may it continue.

off to a beach wedding tomorrow and looking forward to enjoying myself - just wish i had knowabout this earlier so i could wear nicer clothes but that will come ...

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OK I give up have been trying to change my password for 390 minutes.. because at present I have a temporary one which I will forget! have been all over the site have been to my profile and theres nothing there.............. so how is it done!
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I hit a bit of a set back this week. After a particularly hard training session I felt absolutley drained, to the point of climbing into bed and sleeping for a week. I decided to skip my fasting days this week to see if my training picked up, it did. Now I am going to go back on it next week just to check it was not a "blip" and I was just drained or wether it is the fasting. I train now 4-6 days a week , I have to as I have a fitness assement in a months time. Although I'm carrying "extra baggage" I need to sort out my cardio rather than concentrate on just loosing weight. So the diet may take a back seat after next weeks trial, until I get the assessment out of the way. If that is the case I will weigh in then rather than the 14th which would of been a month....I'm apprehensive as to what I'm going to see on the scales but I know that I have lost some weight as I don't feel as bloated all the time. Wether that's attributed to the 5:2 or exercise i will only find out...

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Hi all my 8th fast today and it's been a good day lovely and warm here i Australia today so i didnt feel so hungry, when its cold it dose get to me a bit....hope all is well with you all :oops:
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