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Yesterday was my 6th fast day and it went great except for one tiny detail, I made the huge mistake to eat a "new carrot" (is that how you called them ?) in the beginning of the afternoon. Huge mistake because, in the hours after I was hungry as I never was, the 20 minutes timer, the water, the coffee didn't help and, as I hate broth, I waited and waited and waited, occupuying myself as much as I could and I am proud to say that I didn't cheat and, better yet, I felt full at 300 calories.

About the changes now.

My taste in food has changed. The taste of food has changed.To give you an exemple, I had a croissant for breakfast saturday and it was just wonderfull. The same for a simple chocolate square. All the flavours seem to explode in my mouth and a little has a lot more effect than if I ated the whole stuff. I thought that my cravings would be much stronger than they are. In fact, even if I crave chocolate, I feel great with only a little and I fully appreciate the taste of...

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21 Feb 2013, 20:40
I been following this WOE for four weeks now and have already lost 9kgs, which I am thrilled about. For the first fast days my energy levels where quite low, I felt more cold than usual. Now my energy levels are normal on a fast day but I still prefer it to not be an extremely hectic day. I'd much rather stay at home working than having a busy work day outdoors.
I noticed two quite different positive side effects:
I used to have to start using reading glasses but because I had only got cheap ones which probably weren't the right ones,
I kept putting them on and off, both ways (with or without glasses)
didn't feel right. Since starting the fasting my eyes seem to have gotten better, I don't need to use the reading glasses at all any more.
And my muscles seem to want to move, they feel less floppy. I had quite a bad cold and therefore wasn't even able to do any of my regular exercise which I usually do 2-3 times a week. And still my leg muscles felt less tired and more...

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Sooo I'm super tierd and ready to crash but I will share my breakdown.
Once again is did not hold myself back and immersed myself in the process refusing to deprive myself.
Breakfast I had half a grilled cheese(250)
Later on a quest bar and coffee (250)
I stopped for some fries midday (400)
Dinner was breaded chicken (200)
Eggplant (100)
Chickpeas and rice (250)
1/2 sweet potato (80)
Cake and wine (300)
English muffin (150)

Around 2000 again.
More tmro
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Hmmmm, lets see, just some rambling thoughts actually.

When I started 5:2, back in late February, I was desperate, so was my eldest son. We both need surgery (for different things) and both our anesthetists have said no, not unless its life or death, until we both get our weight under 40 BMI. For me it means continuing constant pain, agonising, sobbing my heart out pain at times, for my son it has meant the loss of his job, his home and depression.

I have dieted all my life, people think I have done nothing but overeat all my life, nothing could be further from the truth, I have dieted all my life. I have had the carb loaded breakfast, I have had the 3 portions of fruit, I have cut fats out of my diet, I bowed at the alter of the food pyramid, I have obeyed dietitians, Weight watchers, Slimming World, doctors and the media all my adult life. I was a good girl and I ended up being 281 lbs and getting fat buster diet pills pushed by big pharma.

Now that I am ignoring official advice...

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Nearly 5 pm on my second fast days and things are going well. Only had a coffee for breakfast and miso soup for lunch. I will just keep going and have a small dinner later. It has been a busy day so not missed food :like:
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