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Absolutely tiddled down during the walk yesterday, Gemma the collie had a ball and came home covered in mud and twigs - I was in a similar state and squelched home - but we still managed the whole thing - about six miles of woodland tracks.

I know there is a fair bit of debate about whether exercise means weight loss, but I think weight loss should be secondary to exercise anyway. Walking is a great way to improve mental health, sometimes I set off in a state of outrage about something or other, but by the time I've stomped through the countryside I feel a lot better in my mind. And I have "buns of steel" from all the uphill bits so something must be working out right! I've done my fair share of town walking as well - I award points for curtains and lampshades :grin:

Managed to stay quite a bit under TDEE yesterday and today is the second Fast day of the week, I'm prepared with sparkling...

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I woke up excited! I cant wait to embrace this way of eating. So today have sort of planned my day as much as I can. I am on annual leave so not sure if that makes things easier or not. So I have had 2 coffees so far and have used some of my 500 cals for milk as I feel one change at a time. Eventually I will try black coffee. I am going to have 2 meals, lunch at 1pm then dinner about 6pm. I have my friends dog staying so my prior arranged visit to costa has become a walk in the park with a very supportive friend.
I told my husband, and whilst he is scepital, which I cant say I blame him! I have tried so many eating plans. But this one is going to work. I am going to do this! And I read somewhere if you are finding it hard to fast just focus on tomorrow when I can eat and I am sure appreciate my food more.
I find this blog really helpful and the forums are excellent. So I may come back later and let you know what my first fast brings.
At the minute tummy rumbling but ignoring it and drinking...

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Decided to do a 4:3 this week as my major reason for starting this life style is weightloss, and because I've not got anything planned today. Managed to rope my other half in to giving it a go too, he's more interested in improving his seasonal asthma but I'm sure he won't object to losing a few pounds either. We went shopping yesterday and have stocked up on soup, fruit/herbal tea and skimmed milk (he really doesn't like black coffee). We're giving Truvia a go as it's calorie free, but initial impressions aren't great and I think I'll go back to having my coffee straight up.

As an added complication, the littlest minibeast woke up vomiting this morning. So today is going to be spent chasing a toddler around the house with the "sick bowl" - not feeling particularly hopeful as we're on sleepsuit number 3 already!

Anyhoo, OH is having his first meal of the day now (I'm not jealous of his extra 150kcal, honest)and keeps checking if I'm k with that. Not sure what's more irritating...

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I forgot to say in my other entry that I started the 5:2 diet reluctantly. I have like many others done EVERY diet on the planet and was at the stage in my life were I was bored and fed up with my yo yo dieting over the last 30 ish years. However my daughter was getting married in August 2013 so I started the diet in February. It's a good job I did as the weight loss was slower than I expected. However the thing that kept me going more than anything was my husband Simon. He suggested and started the diet with me. I am competitive and I couldn't let him lose weight and me stay the same. He lost it a lot quicker than me, 2 stone in 4 months. I was proud of him. But if I'm being honest I was also a bit peeved at his steady weight loss and how easy he found it .grrrrrrrr. Anyway he kept me motivated and I am still going thanks to him! He looks amazing and is now off his blood pressure tablets for the first time in five years . Amazing! So thank you my Hubby, for kicking my a** Lol
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Last week started with my usual binging day on Monday, where I had some beer at night. That was then followed by my first fasting day of the week where I didn't eat anything until the evening when I then had some salad with a sweet potato (which I decided to have instead of a normal potato for health reasons) and some grilled fish.

Because I had saved all of my 500 calories for the evening, I was then able to have some instant soup (comprising of 50 calories) and a piece of fruit. To keep my fluid levels up, I had some green tea and water throughout the day. That went quite well, and I followed that up with two non-fasting days where I ate more sensibly. However, I finished my evening meal on the second of those two non-fasting days a bit earlier than normal because since the following day was another fasting day, I then began a complete 24 hour fast which would mean that I would go through a whole 24 hours without consuming any calories, and only some green tea and water.

That 24 hour...

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