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I can't believe I made such a stupid basic mistake for this diet! I had been doing incredibly well for the last 9 days and lost 3.4 Kilos, which is a lot and I know its not sustainable, but I wanted it to last as long as possible.
The last few days have been, fast lose 600g, feed gain 200g, which is wonderful for the motivation. But (there is always a but!) I have been worried that I might be under eating, so wanted to make sure that I ate my allotted calories. All well and good until yesterday's fast day, I made a vegetable and prawn stir fry. But I was way under on calories, I added some more veg but that was not going to help, but then I thought, add more sweet chilli and teriaki sauce! It will give a real flavour hit and I love my spices.
All well and good but I forgot the cardinal rule of my body. It is addicted to sugar and carbs and although I was on target, calories wise, I had just blown my last 9 days of hard work sticking to very low carbs!
I know I still lost 100g today and...

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so I started this last Friday, today is my 2nd fast day I did start yesterday planning a fast but once I watched rick stein Indian food and the great British bake off I just had to eat! The flexibility of being able to switch my fast day to today has really helped me.

the realisation that veg oxo cubes has only 7 cals has helped me loads today I have had 2 when I felt like I wanted to eat but knew it was mainly boredom.

I've been fairly good over the weekend I did have Chinese Friday night and felt quite guilty the next day I need to get out of the habit of a takeaway on the weekend.

the only issue I had on my first fast day was a real bad headache, I'm hopeful that doesn't happen to me tonight as I have definitely upped my water, I am going to weigh and measure myself a week tomorrow by then I will have fasted this Sunday and next Tuesday so 4 fasts and hope to see a difference no matter how slight by then
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I am home from my holiday in Cradle Mountain. There were 12 of us, old friends and friends of friends, staying for 3 nights in cabins and eating together each night.

First to mention: everyone who was there who has known me for a long time commented on my spectacular weight loss. I forget, but old friends are a very good reminder of how far I have come.

Second, I was a lot faster going up the hills than in Feb '13 when I did the Overland Track with some of those people. They noticed that. It stands to reason. I left 14 kg at the bottom of the mountain.

Third, my special bushwalking pants, quite expensive, bought specially for the Overland Track in Feb '13, were threatening to fall down to my ankles. Specially when they got wet and my iphone was in the pocket.

My new scales gave me 69kg last Friday, after a fast day. I am only going to weigh once a week, on Friday. I am going to enter it into the tracker, religiously. I am not going to join any challenges or set any goals, other...

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So last night having had dinner, rock in gut feeling passed and I felt hungry, interesting I'm beginning to understand true hunger and not the bored type! Polished off a small tub of greek no fat yoghurt with raspberries, yum! Glass of water, cup of green tea and perused the forums.

Came across a post from obviously experienced 5:2, sorry username has escaped me, obviously brain still not used to this way of eating :doh: who was saying that she finds that weighing in 2 days after a fast day produces better results on the scales. Now I'm not one who daily weighs themselves, have learnt that it just does my head in but admittedly became curious. You guessed it, weighed myself again, another 200gms down, who'd have thought it ketogenic effect perhaps? (hope that's the right word) Not a huge difference but after eating normal amount of calories no harm done. Another great point for my headspace ...

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[b]Hi all this is my 11th fast day i didnt lose any weight last week and i felt a bit down but this is a new week and i hope i do better, i do enjoy reading all the blogs it makes me feel better knowing i'm not the only one trying so hard. :clap: /b]
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