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With two big holiday events in the past 10 days, my eating parameters have suffered a bit to say the least! For some reason I just could not get myself to fast this past week AT ALL, plus those two events of pure indulgence, and here we are a pound up this week. Oddly enough, I don't feel too very poorly about the rise. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and apparently my body wanted a bit of a break.

But we do not allow this to continue on for long! That would be ever so dangerous, and I would end up back where I started in less time than it took to shed the pounds. Back to keeping on keeping on!

What I've learned these past 2 weeks:
Our relationship with food, ourselves, and the best ways for us to continue reaching our goals are not static, but rather dynamic. I'm all for sticking out with one way of eating to let it run it's course and to actually see results. So, please, don't think I'm saying to get your head turned by some other way of doing things after having only done things one way...

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I did it! I got through yesterday (fast day) and my awful cold is getting better. The sun is shining and the rain has washed all the pollen out of the air. I lost 4 lbs my first week on this program (my weigh-in day is Monday morning, a fast day). Well, this morning I was curious to see how much weight I could drop after a fast day, so I weighed again (which I will not do on a regular basis . . . I was just curious), and the scale was down another 3 lbs. I'm going to weigh again tomorrow morning to see how my weight fluctuates after a feed day (again just curious). As most people have reported, I foresee an average loss per week of 1-2 lbs. But I managed well yesterday. My hardest time of day is when I get home from school and I'm flat fainting with hunger. Yesterday I got out a bowl of beautiful strawberries and ate about 4. That little snack helped me hang on until dinner which was 2 eggs and toast with a sliced tomato. Not too shabby. Right now I'm feeling empowered. I feel like I can...

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So, I am fat and growing. Not quite back to where I started but working towards it. My life has been turned upside down.
After two years of battling with social services to get a care package for my father, I finally won. It was due to start on June 9th. On 3rd June dad was rushed into hospital with pneumonia. On the 4th I was told to go to over. We dropped everything in the lap of a good friend and caught the 1.25am train from Calais. By 2am we were in England but the hospital said to leave visiting until later as dad was sleeping comfortably. We arrived at the hospital on Friday 5th and one look told me it was the end. I stayed with him most of that day. I met the consultant and agreed no heroics. We had to return home on the night ferry as we had people arriving in our Gite on Saturday. We had just arrived home when the call came tomsay he died on the Saturday. So ends 30 years of looking after him and fighting his battles. It took three weeks to sort out the funeral. It was very quiet,...

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I'm not really meaning to blog every day, I'm sure the idea will rub off eventually. But sometimes I come across someone on here who had similar goals to me or their journey sounds fascinating but they don't blog so I can't get a full story on it. And I just think, I wish they did, so I can see I'm not alone in this. I'm not the only one with SO much weight to lose, with such a long time 'til goal date, not the only one without kids, not the only one just trying to at least get into a size 16! Never mind a size 12, 10, 8 etc (one day, maybe?)

Anyway, today was a feed day. Semi happy with the day. Yum brekky of egg and bacon sandwich (stoked that I no longer want BBQ sauce and cheese on these dang things). Not hungry for lunch but made cinnamon scrolls for hubby n me. Had two small ones. Had half of dinner coz I wasn't hungry (steak, mash, onions) then out to a craft group where I munch my way through handfuls of skittles. I don't even know why. I'm not mad keen on them (much more a savoury...

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Well coming to the end of my first fast day, not been too bad actually. Know that they wont all go this smoothly but im glad the first one went well. Saved enough cals for a hot choc before bed and im really looking forward to it. Had to remind myself to drink water though as im not the best at this anyway. Going to be good tomorrow so i can enjoy a large glass/bottle of wine on saturday. Was surprised how much i could have for 500 cals, amazed that a large pepper only had 20 cals and 100g of tomato was only 20 cal, made it look like i had lots on my plate plus i used a smaller plate again to full myself about how much i had on it.

If i dont blog tomorrow hope everyone has a good weekend

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