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Goodness me. I have caved every day. I don't understand why. I'm not hungry. It must be stress eating or just can't get into the groove. MUST.FAST.TOMORROW.... and then Saturday or Sunday.
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2014 holds 2 significant events for me - my mother's 80th birthday on April 19th (yesterday) and my first-born's graduation from Bath Uni in early July.

It was with these 2 events in mind that I embarked on my new WOL back on 25th November 2013.

Put simply, I was fed up with feeling like a second-class I had pretty much reached the limit of my legs being able to carry so much weight around...comfortably.

5 months on, I have lost 36lbs.....yay! Still have shed loads more to go (started at 15st 8lbs) but I am pretty jolly chuffed right now!

On Good Friday, as the weather was so lovely, we hauled out last years' summer clothes for assessment. I popped on a pair of cut-offs.....and laughed myself silly at the sight! Size 20 and way too roomy....yippee! Not even going to put them away "just in case"! Nope, out they go.....never to return.....for I have found my sustainable last!

And I can't tell you what a thrill it gives me........


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well day one is nearly up and im glad i managed. it wasnt difficult until i sat down then hunger grumbles kicked in. a bit of a foggy head even though drunk tea and so far 1ltr of water. dinner was amazing and now feel stuffed...or maybe thats the water. changed meal for turkey and roasted veg...yum yum. manuka honey and blackcurrant drink even though cost me just over 100 calories was a god send for the low sugar dizzyness. will have to watch out for that on the second day. will find it a lot easier when back at work with things to take my mind off the monsters in my tummy. just wating for 10 pm to roll up so i can have some squash.

now to work out the next day for fasting and hoping its easier. got some lovely recipes for main evening meals thanks again to Jillian.

omg my son has just walked in with a slice of cake...the lil so and so :curse:
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Well, I survived Day 1 and came in at a fantastic 499 calories.

I must say that I seemed to be allowed a lot of food considering it's a fast!

Along with black tea, coffee, roibus tea and water I also had:

Two bowls of home made vegetable soup at 116 cals each
100g of chicken chopped into the second bowl that I had at dinner time,
An apple
...and a couple of tablespoons of milk in a cup of tea for my morning cuppa.

I used to count the calories.

I'm hungry as I write this, but I'm pleased to have made Day 1 and also happy knowing I can eat something more tomorrow.
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So I survived the night...just! I went to bed about 8.30 which is insanely early for me. Needless to say I awoke at 3.30am hungry and grumpy! Staying away with work at the mo and then got awoken by noisy people returning from a night out at 4am. I enjoyed my breakfast so much. 1 piece of brown toast, 1 tsp peanut butter, half a yogurt and half a banana. I whilst I thought I was going to keel over on the way to eat i felt great afterwards. This morning has been tough. Lots of green tea has been drunk and just ate light lunch of a nectarine, ryvitta and 3 cashew nuts. Surprisingly (considering I normally snack all the time), I am coping with the far. I've got a long train journey back down south this evening before i get my dinner....hopefully I can make it through day 1 without breaking my calorie limit!
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