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Oops forgot to measure waist, will do that tonight when I get home, also I'm just half a pound shy of a one stone loss :like:
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Last Tuesday it was a walk down Wenlock Edge from delightful Much Wenlock to Craven Arms. In general a pretty route mainly through woodland and lush pasture on a beautiful day that also featured two downpours, the first with hailstones. 16 miles, not too much up, stretches of horrible oozy muddy slides. All done on 2 mugs of green tea beforehand and water. I was still going at 2 when my window normally opens, felt OK so decided not to eat. Had break-fast after getting back to the cottage at 4.

This week walked from Garsdale station to Kirkby Stephen, 13.2 miles, staring up at Mallerstang Edge with dark cloud boiling over it to assess if the walk between the 2 stations over Mallerstang Edge and Nine Standards Rigg, 17 miles, strenuous, just short of 3000' of ascent was still possible for me. Decided that it might just be; it would have to be a Saturday as the southbound train runs an hour earlier. Very pleased to do this walk in just over 4 hours and get to the station just as it...

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I missed a fast on Friday.. I meant to do it 3 times a week, but I haven't. I'm finding it surprisingly easy, I'm still not hungry and I the only thing I have to watch is the cal intake on "feast" days.

I'm kinda tossing up between fasting tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday. I really want to do it tommorow, but I don't want to break routine. I kinda want to do both, but... well you know.

I've lost quite a bit of weight- 2kgs, I have no idea what that is in anything other than kilos, but I'm pleased with it no end!
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That's 13 fasts to Christmas (including today) and I estimate I will have lost another kilo based on current trends. :like:

I lost half a pound last week which I considered quite good considering I had 3 days of carb fest at the front end of the week. The BMI nudged down to 23.99 which made me laugh but its funny how good it made me feel to have a BMI of 23 something......

Fridays Fast Day Numbers:
Calories 437
Carbs 28% (30g)
Fat 58% (28g)
Protein 14% (15g)

Breakfast was a bulletproof coffee, lunch zero noodles with mushroom sauce and a large plate of broccoli and coconut water throughout the day. Exercise was only half of kenpo x because an old mate phoned me in the middle of it, so I went out for a long walk later and did about 12000 steps.

Saturday 1622 calories (upped deliberately because I have been having heart palpitations and wanted to get carbs and potassium into my system)....

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Well it's been over a month since I last posted but I wanted a break as I seemed to be moaning quite a bit at times. I know that is normal but I have persevered with this WOE and it has paid off with losing 17 pounds. It has been a long slow grind mind you and what have I learned so far -
That I can cope with 16:8 a couple of times a week far better than a stricter 5:2 twice a week. This is purely my view as when I am on a fast day it does affect me mentally and my sleep isn't good. I should add that I am using the power plate at the gym and doing a fast 10 minutes on the treadmill plus sit ups all before work.
My jeans fit me far better, still would prefer a size smaller but I have to learn to be patient and it WILL happen.
I am not binging on crisps or biscuits like I used to. I do eat more normally at the weekend as I feel I will give up all the good work if I don't have some treats.
So, I am continuing with this and I will lose all my horrible fat! ...

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