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Weight: 8st 5.25
Waist: 26
tummy: 32.5

2lbs of my interim goal if 8st 3. My average calorie count has been quite low due to my gastritis according to MYP - about 800 cals per day. And yet, I didn't hit 8st 4 or lower. Very disappointed - I knew I hadn't from my spare tyre. However, I think I'm going to have to start doing some pilates as it is clear my thighs are loosing - I've lost .8 of an inch off them and I can feel it in my clothes. So it may be that I need to tone the old tummy as the running probably doesn't do that. So I'm going to try do 30mins pilates Fri, Sat & Sun. Will get a walk in Sat & Sun so that will be lots of exercise.

I didn't exercise yesterday - needed to give my body a rest as I'm not sure that my tummy isn't bleeding. I'm trying to stay relaxed. It's my birthday today -31. I always think life gets better as you get older - it certainly has for me. But I suppose there are a few niggly things that I wish were different but no point in going...

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Today is Saturday, a non-fasting day. We have just eaten chicken and sweet potato curry. With rice cooked in coconut milk. And salad of grapefruit, rocket, hazelnuts and mint. Pretty good. How I love food.

We are buying a lamb. Last week we have been in contact with the farmers about what kind of cuts we want. We have impressed them with our knowledge about lamb cuts and they wanted to meet us, to talk about the finer points. They came to visit on their way home from their stall at the Launceston Harvest Market. When they arrived they handed over a focacca which they had been given at by another stall holder but they wanted to give away as they were on a 'fasting diet'. Bingo!

How great it is to meet other people who are also sold on the 5:2 fasting diet.

How great to enjoy a glass of wine, again, given to us by the visiting farmers who are also wine makers. They had done tastings at the Harvest Market and had open bottles which they wouldn't be able to drink! Lovely chardonnay from...

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The GDA for a woman is 2000kcals per day. Pah. Mine is <1300kcals on an active day. When are these going to be formally revised enough to be useful and relevant enough to guide individuals?

I've just had a rude wake-up about my BMR. It was last formally calculated when I had my Dexa scan and estimated using my measured amount of skeletal muscle mass (rather than an estimate) and the Miffin St Jeor formula. At that time it was <1100kcals for the BMR with a proposed TDEE multiplier of 1.5 for days on which I kayak, and 1.2 otherwise.

I've just re-run the calculations for my present weight (assuming no loss of lean body mass).

BMR is now <900kcals because of my low levels of muscle mass.

Projected TDEE is approx. 1000kcals on a sedentary day and 1275kcals on an active day (such as one when I kayak).

Now, my TDEE tends to be slightly higher than that because I reverse dieted for several months but I'm horrified at these levels. The more so as I'm trying to plan for my time post-surgery...

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I went on the scales this morning to take a measurement before I restart my journey of getting healthy, I lost 100 grams making me 62kgs. I was seriously happy as it means I can officially say I did not gain weight and that I even lost a bit.

Tomorrow is back to work and I am so looking forward to it. It means I will be fasting which I am sure would be totally hellish. Though I wont bring food along and will try to catch up and fix all the chaos that needs fixing.

I am back at my 'normal' clothes, not the I am fat and need something to fit clothes. Dresses that I have not thought for a few years are taken out and fitting nicely. I even took out 2 pair of paints that are extremely tight to wear and ones that I want to be able to use in public without looking like a stuffed sausage.

Then there is the matter of my high blood pressure. It means I really have to work on getting exercise in my daily life as I see it, what I eat is not the problem. BMI wise I am already in the so called healthy...

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Weight 8st 7lbs

SORRY SORRY SORRY- I've had a rough couple of weeks in my mind. Nothing terrible has happened- I'm just working crazy hours and couldn't afford my usual half hour at work to update my posts. The consequence of that though is that I haven't lost anything and probably have eaten too many carbs. My gastritis appears to be completely gone - I can have tea and had my first coffee yesterday in a month. I'm still off alcohol. I suppose that is what is a bit disappointing about the lack of weight loss. I didn't drink (except a couple of small beers at my parents dinner 10days ago). I didn't drink at all last weekend, did a 10k in under an hour so was delighted, I cycled, ran walked did pilates. I avoided a takeaway which I really really wanted. And today 8st 7 after a fast day yesterday. I did a full fast yesterday. I've discovered I find it easier to have lunch and then have a tea at night with couple squares of chocolate to tide me over and then go to bed. I am doing two mini...

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