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I still despise daily weighing, but I have stuck with it this week. I did 3 bulletproof style fasts and dropped 4lb's. However I did go back to my 'old' way of eating - mostly paleo (low carb), with only one day a week as a carb re-feed. No grains. Also now fully embraced the Californian lifestyle and given up the booze. I think a combination of all of this things has given me a kick start. For those of you who don't know what bulletproof is - its here ... rning-too/
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So... I have had the absolute failingest of failure days over the weekend. I intended to fast on Friday but broke it by picking at the sweets I cooked and then having dinner as well. I knew I was going to a friends place on Saturday night so I didn't eat much during the day (a few rice cakes, some crackers, a couple cups of coffee) and took my sweets with me that evening. I didn't overeat at dinner but I definitely ate more of my own cooking than I meant to. The worst part is that I made too much, took the leftovers home with me and now there are chocolate toffees and coconut ice in my fridge! Yesterday I grazed on them all afternoon and into the evening (as well as eating meals!)

I told myself it was all ok, because I planned to fast today BUT I'm not feeling the greatest (sharp headache, slight nausea, very tired) so I just had a coffee and soup, essentially breaking today's fast at only 3:30pm. I'm trying to decide if I'll keep today as a relatively low-cal (but not quite fasting) day...

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Ok so I'm a little late for the first day of spring but today was the first day of gorgeous sunshine so I'm going to pretend it's spring! Even though it's freezing cold :cry:

So I'm here on 5:2 because my weight is creeping higher and higher and it's got to stop. I feel out of control when it comes to eating but I don't (can't?) face the prospect of some rigid diet.
A few weeks ago I sorted my wardrobe - summer and winter and fat and skinny! The skinny bags were a lot bigger than the fat ones but none of it it fits. I have gorgeous clothes well I like them anyway and I don't want (another) summer where I can't fit into any of my clothes. I feel unhappy at this weight and that's what I want to change. I want to get to my normal weight, the one I was pre and post babies. It's only (I say only in denial??) ten to twelve kilograms but it's enough.
My life has been a bit...

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Absolutely delighted this week to have smashed through the 10 stone barrier! The scales this morning said 9 stone 12 and I couldn't be happier

My little baby boy had his first birthday this week, and ever since he was born I've been hovering around the 11 stone mark, until discovering 5:2 in February! Even before the baby came along I've been up around 11 stone for a few years. I tried Slimming world 3 years ago for a couple of months, and never got below 10 stone 10 despite putting in quite a bit of effort every day! So this WOE has come as a complete revelation to me, so easy, yet so effective!

Thanks to all on this forum for the invaluable support!

I'm off to Westfield at the weekend to buy some lovely new clothes
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Well, another fasting day is drawing to a close.

The colder weather is certainly altering my focus on what to eat.

Porridge is my go-to breakfast on a fast day. Actually it's pretty much my favourite breakfast most days in autumn/winter. The difference being I would add a banana on non-fast days.

Added fruit or not - porridge is nicely satisfying on a fast day.
And it leaves a pleasing number of calories over for a warming meal in the evening.

Leek and Lentil soup with a low fat sausage cut into it.
Omelette with a little ham and some grilled tomatoes.
Home-made burger - no bun! - with portion of veg.
Chilli beans with a little rice on the side.

This plan IS doable!

I am wondering about a hot drink tonight. I could go for a herbal tea - but it is raining ....I was thinking of something a little more comforting....maybe a low-fat chocolate drink - perhaps I could make it with less powder than suggested?...might try that....or one drink I have come to rather like...a tiny drop of...

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