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So, I am fat and growing. Not quite back to where I started but working towards it. My life has been turned upside down.
After two years of battling with social services to get a care package for my father, I finally won. It was due to start on June 9th. On 3rd June dad was rushed into hospital with pneumonia. On the 4th I was told to go to over. We dropped everything in the lap of a good friend and caught the 1.25am train from Calais. By 2am we were in England but the hospital said to leave visiting until later as dad was sleeping comfortably. We arrived at the hospital on Friday 5th and one look told me it was the end. I stayed with him most of that day. I met the consultant and agreed no heroics. We had to return home on the night ferry as we had people arriving in our Gite on Saturday. We had just arrived home when the call came tomsay he died on the Saturday. So ends 30 years of looking after him and fighting his battles. It took three weeks to sort out the funeral. It was very quiet,...

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Thought I should write something as I do not want any of you to think I have given up! It has been a very low day again. Was meant to be out this evening but cancelled as cannot cope with people.
Had a pleasant morning. We went to a local village to see a photo exhibition. We knew they were on display but had trouble finding them. Went into the mayors office to enquire and it was the usual grumpy, unhelpful receptionist you find the world over. Are they trained to be that way? All she said was 'sur le batiment en face' which means ' on the building opposite' . Failing to find them we stopped at a cafe for a coffee.....wrong again, the coffee machine was carried out as we sat down. So it was water. Someone we knew came in who lives in this village so we asked him about the photos. He said to go to the tourist office and ask for a route map. A very helpful young man gave us the map and showed us the sign that marks where each picture is. They were up high on the buildings. It would have helped...

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Such a long time with no blog so it's time for a catch up.
It was my birthday on Friday - 62.
I haven't lost any weight since last summer and I'm ok with that, but I hope I do lose more when this summer comes.
I wore my new red dress to the party on Saturday. It was bought with local currency and is quite a posh dress. I even bought some lipstick to wear with it as it was the kind of dress that made you think 'lipstick'. Everyone complimented me on my appearance and I think it was the weight loss as well as the red dress. I don't wear stockings so I wore black leggings under neath which looked a bit odd, but so what! I reckon when I get to 62 I can wear what I like to my own party.
I have been fasting nearly 18 months and it is hardly an issue any more. I just do it. I have learned some tricks. I think it's good to have nothing all day and then have a more or less normal evening meal, early but no wine or heavy carbs.
The house renovations which were in full swing when I started fasting...

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Well had a week off this week as oh was home, really did pig out so I'm even more determined to be good this week coming. Set myself the goal of going below 80kg by end of May so have 1.4kg to loose in a week. Going to up the exercise to 45 mins 5 times a week to see if that helps. Fingers crossed this week goes well.
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Does anyone else have others that try to sabotage their efforts be it unconsciously or not?

I tell DH my aim is to eating healthily which he takes to mean I'm on a diet & to him, diet equals deprivation. We go shopping & I put an item in the trolley (crisps for example) & he immediately asks if I can have that. I tell him I can have whatever I desire as long as I account for it in my daily plan. It's not like he couldn't stand to loose a few lbs himself. Take Tuesday (my fast day), he orders pizza which I ate. Felt so bleugh later. I cook from scratch everyday & have been known to say it would be nice if someone else did the cooking so this was his answer. I've discussed this with him many times but it just doesn't seem to sink in.

I'm sure he means well but sometimes I wish he could see that healthy eating means more than just a lettuce leaf :doh:
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