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Saturday 1st thing I weighed 62.0k :victory: (my lowest ever)Weekend non diet and am still 62.0k (YAY) but must be extra careful as I'm off to Plymouth for a long weekend FRI-MON to see my beautiful girls- my daughter and Granddaughters. Past history tells of up to 4kg weight increase with sloooooooow loss (up to 2wks to lose :cry: ) SO MY PLAN IS: MONDAY & WEDNESDAY FAST=300-500kcals :starving: TUESDAY & THURSDAY REDUCE =500-800kcals :neutral: FRIDAY FEED =800-1200kcals :smile: FEAST = Not counting...

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week two of the 5:2 diet and must admit only did one day last week as i feel one day will be sufficient. all week ive ate and drunk and ate and drunk and managed to stay around the 10st 4 mark so thats a 2 and half pound weight loss in one week.
so far for today ive only had cups of tea aa keeping myself busy so no breakfast. my body neess this detox today been none stop drinking all weekend as was on a hen doo. ive not been working out as much as id of liked as just had not enough hours in the day to start a routine this.week but its back to work monday so it will be gym gym.gym.after work.

so lets see what the scales say in the morning....cant weight...ha get it :grin:
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Hopefully doing a blog will help me keep track and keep on track.

When I was younger I used to work in a children's home so was often playing football running around etc, these days I work in an office and the most exercise I get is going to the printer( and if i lean back in my chair and stretch I dont even have to get up :oops: )
I have "flirted" with running and cycling in the past and in fact did London Marathon in 2008
Now that summer is here I will try and get out on the bike a few nights a week and commute the 4 miles to work. I also have a charity place for London Marathon 2015 so will start doing a little training for that soon, BEWARE I will be begging for sponsorship come Christmas time :cool:

What really kickstarted the idea of dieting was my kids telling me I am fat, to be fair...

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One of the things that I have found really good for me on my first week is to use my kitchen blackboard to write up that days fast menus!! :geek:

Its really cool...I can rub off as I go along...and its on view to him indoors :heart: who can (hopefully) encourage me to stick to what should be on my plate!! Works so far :grin:
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I don't know why but I've really struggled with today's fast. Several times I felt like throwing in the towel and eating something naughty just to cope. I guess it was a pretty stressful day, my colleague was being observed by the senior management (something that happens with teaching a lot) and then one of our children who is quite aggressive kicked off massively several times. Plus I'm in quite a bit of pain from rolling around doing first aid this week, my back is really feeling...AND I'm due my period next week....I guess when I look at all the evidence I can see why I struggled. My one flaw (or in this case saving grace) is I am so stubborn I wouldn't give in. I can't wait to eat today though, thinking I'll have chicken breast, salad and some quinoa/Bulgar wheat mix for dinner. And if there's enough calories some strawberries I bought. If not, I'll be making some chocolate covered strawberries tomorrow I think ...

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