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No, seriously. Grandsons aged 3 and 6 day. I'm worn out. Three year old has just fully discovered his power of 'No' and hanging head to get own way and general contrariness. Six year old, past expert of all this, surveys his acolyte and knows his work is done. So follows up with a quick push/squeal/whatever to get reaction. I love them completely, it's like the Silver Cord of Life flows from me to their father and on into them. But can I survive their amazing energy and speed? Quicksilver and The Buddha may have to be renamed Quicksilver and Silver Surfer.
We have 10 grandchildren (second marriage, two children each), youngest (aged 2) coming for the weekend. Chaos will ensue.
If I go quiet it's because two weeks of school holidays have finished me off.
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Over the weekend I read the Fasting Diet book after hearing about it on the news (I live in the US). I had my first fast day yesterday. I ate today and am doing another fast day tomorrow. I want to lost about 10 lbs. (I don't know what that is in stones), I felt so good this morning. I actually felf lighter. I did eat today as I normally would but have to say I am honestly looking forward to fasting again. My first day I was at home but tomorrow I will be at work so I hope it will be as easy as it was at home. Work is very stressful and I eat from stress. I have my 500 cal. planned out so I am ready. I will keep you posted on my progress and invite anyone to share your progress with me!!! :heart:
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I have kept up my fasting so far and weighed myself on Saturday - lost 6lbs in total!!! - found today the hardest as I'm stressed with work and a job application but hey.
Have eaten a little more than I normally would but only on 510 calories. Have been a lot more active than normal too.

Can't believe I am already on my third week :)
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Messed up Monday. Felt really hungry and shaky mid morning so had toast and carried on with anything not stuck down. Sadly continued on Tuesday and today. Now feel too full and uncomfortable. Tomorrow is my next fast day and I am thinking of going back to breakfast and evening meal as I do not want a repeat of Monday. Am also thinking of trying alternate day fasting to try and get on track. Will have to give that a lot of thought. Am worried about coping tomorrow but will have to go for it. I had thought all was going well and am cross with myself for allowing myself to go backwards.
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So today is my first fast day,

Feeling quite inspired by the variety of recipes I've already come across it seems fast days need'not be as boring as I first imagined.

Drinking plenty of herbal teas has been a huge help, toady I found that once I had eaten a small amount (around 2pm) that I became even hungrier so I think my next fast day I may just wait till my evening meal.

So my starting weight is 13stone 8lb and I deadly I'd like to reach and more importantly maintain a steady weight of around 12 stone

Already had a few very nice messages of people on here and hope the support continues.

Tonight's tea will be a pitta pizza... A whole meal pitta bread, spread thinly with light garlic and herb philly, topped with a sliced spring onion mushroom and cherry tomato (270 cals.)

I think I am finding it easier today than I will in the future but I am hoping the thought of a normal day tomorrow will keep me motivated throughout though I do not intend to go totally mad on "feast"...

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