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Signed up to Easter Challenge 6th Feb :like: weighing 64.1kg :grin:
Fri 7th Feb exactly 64.0kg :lol: Evening meal 10th(Harvester Havoc)resulted in MASSIVE 65.8kg :confused: :shock: :razz: :cry:
FRI 14 FEB 64.5kg :neutral:
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I'm now into week 8 on the 5:2 way of living and finding the fast days not too much trouble so far.
After some pretty impressive weight loss in the first 4 weeks, things had slowed down significantly and left me stuck on a plateau of 10 stone 2 for a couple of weeks. Hubby and I then jetted off to the sunny south of Portugal for a much needed week of relaxing, soaking up some warmth and drinking champagne in the hot tub :) We had packed our summer walking trousers for the holiday that we hadn't worn since last year, but when we tried to go waking on the first day, both our trousers were falling down so much we had to walk around with both hands holding up our waistbands! We had to make an emergency stop in a shopping centre to buy some new belts!
It was the first time I really started to believe I'd actually lost a significant amount of weight.
We had a total break from fasting for the week, but tried not...

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The past weeks or so I have been doing 19/5. I do not have any other reason other than doing something different. I am more into maintenance right now and is conflicted about wanting to lose more weight or not. I am able to do this woe the rest of my life for sure. I probably will eat breakfast and lunch on the weekends and have a more normal eating way if I need to do so but for the most part I probably not. Eating dinner and a light supper is all what I need right now. I am going to experiment as I feel that I consume too little vegetables and fruits on this woe that I need to tweak it a little.

Weight wise I have maintain and in my ‘period’ week so what real weight I have will not be true due to hormonal water retention that will only settle itself after this week is over. My waist and my other control area does not show any increase so I am pleased.

I managed to get a pair of jeans for the short me. Zalando has free shipping and returns making me buying and trying things much eas...

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I had my first fitness test a couple of weeks ago and apparently I am fit enought for the cops but not the army. I was happy with that :)
I am now attempting 5 weeks of high intensity kettle bell 20min workout which a friend of mine designed. Hopefully the end result is that I improve my fitness and muscle strength.

I must admit though that I definitely struggle to do this high intensity workout now that I am doing the 5:2 diet. I used to do it prior to staring 5:2 and never experienced the muscle fatigue and hunger that I get now.

I stopped working out on my fast days as I just found it too hard. I'd get home and want to eat the entire contents of my pantry cupboard.

After my second fitness test I am going to swap to doing long slow walks on my exercise days and some light weights. I think it will actually be a better fit with this diet.

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Yesterday was my first fasting day and I have to admit I wasn't perfect. I started out pretty well, but my mid-afternoon was struggling with the usual urges that I get everyday at that time - the urge to splurge!

In the end my final calorie count was around 650 instead of 500. I did my usual 'beat myself up' routine: 'What's wrong with me?' Why can't I do anything right?' 'Why does everything have to be so hard?'
I realize that I am very tough on myself but this is what I have always done and it is a habit that is hard to break. Just like overeating.

So here is my attempt to be kinder. 'so what if you weren't perfect the first time - you were only off by a little bit. You now have a sense of what a fast feels like and will do better next time. I discovered a couple of new strategies by reading others' experiences and I can always adjust my own as I move along.'

My next fasting day will be Monday. Onward.
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