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Worked out this morning, burned 530 calories boxing class and elliptical trainer.
130 calories brekky: light soy latte and strawberries
Herbal teas, an espresso with stevia around 1, more herbal tea, a diet coke at 3 and I have been thinking about food quite a LOT for the last hour or so. Starting to think about what I'll eat for dinner and when. Bring it on!!!

[Sorry readers if this is dull, I'm blogging mainly as a record for me, see where my struggles occur.]
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My 3rd fast is nearly under my belt but today rather than hungry I've had a snackish day. All day I have wanted any food that is unhealthy for me, so in response I took to perusing the Hotel Chocolate website so that I could plan what lovely treat I can have in a few weeks time when I am next near enough to a store to make the purchase.
I'm actually glad my snackish day turned up on my fast day today or I may have resorted to eating the chocolate cake I made over the weekend and the southern fried chicken I had prepared for my 2 boys dinner tonight. As it is I have been ok telling myself that I will have something tomorrow and from previous dieting experience I know that the planned for tomorrow snacks will never be eaten (or at least not in the quantity that I can imagine!)
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It makes me not eat at work. I eat when bored and stress at work.

It makes me deal with my food issues

It has thought me that I eat even though I am full but head still wants food

It trains me to stop eating when full as my tummy hurts when I over eat

With portion control, I can still eat my chocolate, ice cream and cake when I want to

I can fast and my husband has no idea what is going on as I still ‘eat’ in front of him

The look on peoples face at work when I say I am fasting

To be back to the body I remembered

To put on pants that has been too tight to wear a year ago

I have been eating more than I need to survive

It is ok to not eat up the food on my plate
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Monday 3 February 2014 3.17 pm in the 'Big Bother' House...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! At last I'm 11 stone something! (11.12) to be precise, as at yesterdays Sunday Weigh-In.

I wish I could resist the temptation to hop on the scales every morning, as the downside of that is that you notice all the 'up and down' fluctuations through-out the week but its an ingrained habit of many years, so I can't see it changing now.

Noticed I could use a different hole on the belt at the weekend too, so will try not to worry if the scales go up and down a bit between weigh-ins, as long as I can do my belt up on the same, tighter notch, things can't have changed that much. Must go by the weekly weight not the daily one!!!

I am using bought meal replacements on my fast days, as it saves having to think about what to buy, prepare etc and because I found some less than half-price bargains on some of the slimming sites after Christmas.

Sort of looking forward to my next 600 fast day tomorrow (Tuesday)to start...

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One of my friend mailed me this link reharding a new supplement for weight loss....I dont know whether it will work out...and I doubt anyside effects.Have a look at it and suggestions are welcome ... /dved.html
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