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Went back to weight watchers in desperation and lost 7 lbs. have now lost the plot big time. Life is very difficult just now. A much loved cat is in hospital with hemolytic anaemia. A very serious condition. She is being tube fed and we are taking one day at a time. They have transfused her once which has helped and yesterday she ate a little for the first time in weeks. This has all been made more difficult by the fact I live in France and although my French is fairly good there are gaps!
The extra care sheltered housing place my father lives in is closing. He is on the waiting list for another place but as of tomorrow there will only be two residents in the home. Because of this the company have closed the kitchen and will provide microwaved ready meals. There will be a manager on site Mon- Fri 9-5. A sleeping carer will be on site 10-7 to 'cover' the night. At weekends someone will come in to sort dinner and tea. My father has dementia, cannot use a telephone or emergency call button....

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Keep plugging away! Weight not falling off but still downward trend. Walking when I can or using elliptical if too cold. Holidays officially here in the states so will strive to at least keep this new low for the next month! Very thankful for how much better I feel and all blood concurs with diet! I will see my last eight pounds off by my annual anniversary!
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I started 5:2 on Monday. I had got to the point where I was really fed up with being heavier than is healthy for me – which usually happens about this weight (about 89kgs). I came across the 5:2 book which I had bought several months ago and not even opened yet - I had seen the original Horizon programme with Michael Moseley and been intrigued, but not motivated at that time, although all the science made sense to me.

I've decided to have fast days on Mondays and Thursdays (seems a popular choice). I felt a little bit apprehensive as to how I would feel – think a lot of people who have almost unlimited access to food are afraid of feeling hungry.

Tuesday's fast was surprisingly fine! I'd intended to get up and breakfast on porridge but I didn’t feel hungry and so didn’t eat as it seemed unnecessary. Had a quiet day at home, only went out to fetch prescription from doctors and popped into M&S while waiting for it at the chemists. I had read on the 5:2 forum earlier in the day of ...

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:frown: Am I wrong in thinking that maintaining means NOT fasting 5:2 or 4:3 - NOT weighing every morsel - NOT counting every calorie and NOT stepping on the scales every morning or getting out the tape measure once a week :?:
Despite my weekend away in April sending my weight up from 61.5k on the 18th to 63.0k on 21st (and I was 62.7 on 1st) :shock: It took 9 days and 3 fasts to get down to 61.0k :grin:
1st May:-stopped weighing food/counting calories had a little of what I fancied still being careful with stodge n starchy foods and found I was eating same sort of portion size(visually!)

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If one believes in the energy balance - a calorie is a calorie and all that - then we can take a stab at how much someone who fails to lose weight on 5:2 is overeating on the 5 feed days.

For them to be in energy balance eating F calories per day on feed days with either 500 or 600 on fast days with a daily energy requirement of T (TDEE) the energy balance over a week says that :-

7 * T = 2 * 500 + 5 * F for men, or 7 * T = 2 * 600 + 5 * F for men

rearranging and straightening out this becomes :-

F = 1.4 * T - 200 for women, or F = 1.4 * T - 240 for men on 600 cal fasts.

So if a lady with a TDEE of 1800 isn't losing weight with 500 cal fast days then she's eating 1800 * 1.4 - 200 = 2320 on feed days and needs to back off about 500 calories a day to get up to full speed weight loss.

A lower metabolic rate such as 1400 TDEE works through to a feed day intake of 1760 with no loss, requiring a cut back of 360 calories per day on feed days.
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