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Friday morning weigh in after yesterday's fast. ( 9 stone, 5.5 lb's) that is nearly 2 lbs off this week.

I managed to avoid bad food at the birthday party and found that once a 2 year old had blown out the candles, the cake did not seem all that appealing!

I am not struggling with the alcohol at all and even though it is only just three months since I stopped smoking as well, I am not missing it. I do not need drugs in my life and smoking and drinking are both pure drug addiction. Having said that I am a bit anxious about our forthcoming trip to Africa. We are travelling first class and I do associate that with drinking a lot. Champagne in the lounge, champagne as soon as we board, wine with food etc, etc. I need to visualise how it is going to be with fizzy water and to remember why I stopped in the first place. At least I should have lost enough by then to be comfortable in my clothes and I will feel great when we get there instead of hung over.

I am not doing as much exercise...

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Hello everyone - 6 years ago I managed to lose 72 lbs through healthy eating and exercise and for the most part, have managed to keep it off. I went from 15st 4lb - 10st 4lb, so why have I joined the 5:2 forum and eating pattern? Well over the last 9 months I have started to gain weight and whilst I am clinging onto the right side of 11st, its only just there.

But all the methods I have used before no longer seem to work. Whether that's because I am getting older or quite simply my body has wised up to my eating pattern, I am terrified of going back to where I was.

So, I need a new approach and a strategy that is sustainable and fits in with family life. My eldest son is a Medical Research Charge Nurse and I went through the "science" element with him. Whilst as he says the proof is in the eating,(or not for 2 days!) he has seen patients who have successfully lost weight and gained health - so I am on board and hoping to be one of those success myself.

I would love to hear...

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I'm not doing very well at all. A couple of 16:8's but totally out of control with sugar. I'm now working in an office where there is free fruit, protein bars and chocolates always available.

I'm in the office by 7.30am in the morning and rarely out by 7.30pm at night. I need to remember to go out and walk and if I get totally distracted, I head to the kitchen and the distractions are in front of me and by 2pm in the afternoon, even if I don't feel hungry, I'm certainly tired. A few options:

Stay out of the kitchen completely which means avoiding tea and coffee and just drinking water all day.

Remember to go out and get something. However the cafe across the road is mostly sandwiches, and soup. However they do a small bowl of chilli which is nice, but then I'm not sure what to eat at night. Tonight it has been a salad and chocolate. Not a good combo.

Bring in my own food.

Help :curse: ...

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I completed my first fast of week 3 yesterday and although got through it , from mid afternoon until evening felt light headed and fatigued . I don't mind feeling hungry but it's those symptoms that worry me as the ability to work and drive concern me . I would also like to go the Gym but it just doesn't seem possible yet on a fast day !
I don't mind persevering but would be reassuring if I knew it was all pa for the course and others have had similar experience ?
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Weight:9st 8

Today is my return to the forum. I had returned to fasting a couple of weeks ago and was down to 9st 6 last week. However, a sick baby, a wedding, a barby, a night away and a takeaway have sabotaged all of that. I find it hard to fast when I've had so little sleep. I tend to comfort eat to cheer myself up. It's no like I can take a bath. Also, I won't hand my baby over to someone as I was separated for long enough from him when he was in ICU and I only have 3 months maternity leave left and I want to cherish every minute - both bad and good. My problem with fasting days is that I have yet to make 500. I'm hovering around 800 cals. I remember before I used to liquid fast but that seems like a long time ago.

Today was supposed to be a fast day but my baby is sick with ear infections, teething and a viral infection which has caused an infection in his poor skin. It looks like chicken pox but it isn't. He is waking every hour in pain and therefore of course so am I. I don't...

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