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so this week was the first time I stayed the same in weight but lost an inch on my waist- still feel great- very tired most days because of the work we do but work also gets easier because there is less of me to carry around!
we aborted our second fast day this week on wednesday as it was not "auspicious" and fasted the next day- we now have the weekend free of fasting and will be back on monday.
have recommended this WOE to freinds who are reading up on it as we speak and I am sure they will take it up- also heard of others who have been doing it for a long time and are doing very well with it.
This WOE is definately spreading rapidly!!! FASCINATING!!!
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I went to a friends wedding last night, I felt slightly alien as I wore a dress and had my legs out,which never happens as I am a trouser girl, someone I had not seen for a few months, literally was gob smacked at how much weight I had lost, they didn't even know I was dieting, when I explained what diet I was doing, she said I looked amazing and my body shape had defiantly changed. It's weird because I don't see the body shape change, it's kinda exciting that's how people see me, once again it spurs me on to lose weight and be some gorgeous slim woman.

So as I had a heavy day yesterday with a very naughty lunch and then some drinks at the wedding, I am not going to have a fast day today, but I am going to stick to 1000 cals, hopefully this will balance me out al little.

Life is good and to be honest I am enjoying it ...
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Well I never.......... I was always anti running because way back when I was a young wipper snapper (27 yrs old) I trained with cambridge united ladies football team. We used to run, and run and run. My friend wasn't a great runner so I stayed with her for company. I really wanted to go go go. Then I got pregnant, it was planned. Anyway back to the point. Today whilst doing the c25k I was doing the long run bit (on week 4 day 2) and I went somewhere.............I wasn't thinking about how long is it till I walk again. It was a bit of a shock, being the noisey, laughs a lot kind of gal. I whooped out Loud in my garage, on my treadmill. Because it is now My treadmill.
That's all.
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My third week went by a little easier, I'm stuffing my face on the free days and I dare say I may be going over my calorie allowance. I intend to record my calorie intake this week so I know for sure if I am eating over, I do this on fast days and I know apart from some milk in my coffee I don't go over. My weight loss is slow only 2lbs off so far, considering the amount of exercise I do I would expect more, this is what leads me to suspect its days off where I am overeating. Obviously if it continued in this way I'd get there eventually but I am getting wed in October so hoped for more. Prior to this I was punishing myself on a vlcd, making myself utterly miserable so I am desperate for the 5:2 to work for me, it feels like this is the only semblance of normal eating I've ever known, a way to eat guilt free. It is hard to convey how much that means to me and I guess I am not alone. Ah before I forget I did exercise on my fast days last week and it was fine, better still I rarely feel hungry...

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Well, this past weekend was a bit of a free for all. Icing from cake (I tossed the cake as it wasn't that good), apple pie, and all sorts of other things I don't normally eat. Then my Tuesday fast day was a little bit high at 685 calories. Then my Wednesday "moderate" day was higher than normal.

I have been a bit afraid to get on the scale. I deserve a gain.

The scale said 265.6. That is the lowest I have been since I started 5:2. Not by a lot mind you, but my last low was at the end of the week after my second fast day. This one is after one fast day and a high moderate day. Today is my second fast day.

So all that is to say, I am loving this as I am losing while I feel like I am cheating! 5:2 where have you been all my life?
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