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Have read a couple of bloggs posted today and happy to say that 5:2 is obviously the way to go. As I stated in my previous/introduce yourself blog,my friends and relatives would all say I didn't look as big/heavy as I claimed my clothes and scales told me I was. My mum had always supported my decisions/attempts to diet and taught me a valuable lesson in my early teens.......... Ignore the lable size- if you are comfortable in what you are wearing and the fabric hangs correctly you will look more confident than you may feel.
Mum was a pattern and dress maker by trade. As more trendy (value for money/quality seconds)boutiques popped up Mum would be forever reminding me that a qty of say t.shirt material would be put through the cutter for 10 size 12 tops...all labelled 12 but movement in the fabric would result in a difference in size of finished artical.
Really proving a point- I had been invited to go on my first holiday abroard with my best friends family and had previously...

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I fasted yesterday (Monday) and tried a new tactic - no breakfast or lunch saving my calories until evening meal. I think this will work much better for me as something to look forward to in the evening. Weight loss is slow - 1lb per week roughly but determined to keep going!
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I've been having a couple of hard days. I have been dealing with depression and PTSD for 14+yrs but every now and then I have a few weeks of relief and think I'm all better. No idea why my head does that, you'd think that after so long I could see the pattern and not be so flattened when it hits again.

Anyway, this really isn't 5:2 related. I just needed to say it, I guess.

Fast day tomorrow. As much as I'm open to changing to another day if tomorrow is too hard, I think it'll be a good thing to do in my current state. It takes away a lot of thought about what to eat, I've got nothing planned for tomorrow so if I want I can stay in bed with the AC on reading a book.
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This blog is a pep talk about my upcoming vacation. I've just reached my goal weight! It was so much easier then Adkins! I love just not thinking about the food. But Wed. I leave on a 4 week European vacation. I really want to try all the foods and not think about weight! Worried I'll regain the weight. Also, I'm taking my new 'Slim pants'. Four weeks is long enough to regain enough weight to make the pants not fit! But, I've learned I can do so much more than I think. I need to be confident. Just take the new pants and maybe one or two fast/repair days on the trip.

Wish me luck! I love my new size!
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Sitting here with an oxo cube for a treat of 7cals, I've decided to have a blast of 4.3 for the next fortnight to get me going into the new year and start my valentines challenge.
Still haven't weighed, I'm feeling a bit anxious as I'm usually all knowing with the daily weigh in. See if I can last till Saturday morning,

Tea 12
Tea 12
Oxo 7
Pepsi max and slimline tonic
Bouillon 12

Prawns and homemade Rosemarie 175g 119
Salad 200g 60
Total 238

Fat 1g
Carbs 17
Protein 27
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