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Just a quick nip in before I hit the road for school run and a hospital visit for MIL who is awaiting a new knee.

I'm fasting today after a nice weekend, over TDEE but not too bad and Mr LJ and I did manage a walk along the beach with Gemma the dog on Saturday. The wind nearly blew us away and we definately burnt off twice as many calories on the way back as we did on the way out - in case you are worrying about my virtuous performance we did have a Fish Supper after the walk - what's that you say? Did we only go to the beach so that we could go to that chip shop? How dare you.... :oops:

Many thanks to Susbut65 for your kind comments, I've given a little reply on your blog.

Have a great day all :clover:
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I haven't lost much weight so far, maybe 1.5 pounds is all. I am finding the fasts easy to do. What I like most is that I have a plan in place and I trust that I will be able to stick with it for the long haul. I am enjoying foods on feast days much more because I now can eat them without guilt. The fast days have made me realize that what my Mother told me isn't true. Nothing bad will happen if I skip a meal. Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day. The meals I skip are the most important meals to me right now. Drinking lots of water really is the key to skipping a meal.

I'm excited for a vacation I have coming up in November, 4 days at Disney World, I should have lost several pounds by then. My summer clothes should fit much better.

My Twin Sister is doing this 5:2 with me as is a friend at work. Having a 5:2 buddy has helped alot. Peace out ~Rana 8-)
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:?: Is there anyone out there who can answer a question on behalf of a friend? Does 5:2 help/hinder hiatus hernia*? Although I've been following 5:2 threads for 1 1/2 years I don't recall it being mentioned.

Thanks in anticipation

* an excuse for a bit of alliteration

My liquid only fast yesterday was the easiest fast I've ever done. Will try and do it on my second fast of the week as well from now on.
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Well, here we go again!

It's another fasting day. Everything is carefully planned - hey I have ASD I plan EVERYTHING!

I have just had breakfast - boiled egg and a small bit of ham. High protein, so will hopefully keep me going all day!

Lunch (hah!) will be a delicious cup of rosehip, pear and vanilla tea!

Dinner tonight will be a piece of cod, in a thin herb sauce, a decent portion of veggies and one teensy potato.

To keep my hands and mind occupied this afternoon I am going to be knitting. I started a winter hat for myself yesterday, I should be able to get a good few rows knitted this afternoon!

Why did I have to watch Great British Bake Off last night? All I can think about at the moment is Custard Tart! (Oh I love custard tarts!).....and I live almost opposite a rather good little bakery that makes the most divine ones! NO!....I can have one tomorrow if I still want one!
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I've been gaining/losing the same pound or so for the last few weeks which is frustrating. It is most likely due to eating too many treats on feast days. Yesterday is a good example. We had a charity bake sale at work. Of course I bought some treats to bring home. So in the course of the day I ate a cupcake, a slice of marble cake, and probably 6 cookies of various types. This of course is only a fraction of the items that were offered to me. But is still much more sugar than I typically eat. Dinner of roast chicken and salad really can't offset all the extra sugar calories.

So today on my fast day I find myself mentally glad to be fasting. But hungry. And I mean really hungry. Usually on fast day I don't feel this hungry till about 3:30 in the afternoon. It is only 10:30 in the morning. UGH! This may be a hard day. However, I am resolved to stick to it.
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