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friday might be the day....
I will let you know how it goes.
xx goodnight fast diet world
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Well, I've been on 5:2 for a full month now. I love it! I have been a dieter before, always been active, not addicted to chocolate etc. having become more contended as I settled down, food and wine is part of the social side more and more. I am a sales person and live in Costa Coffee waiting for my next appointment. With that , I have slowly creeped up from 8.5 stone in my mid 20's to 11.5 stone in my mid 40's.

So I have spread some! I have the muffin top over my jeans and I really didn't feel comfortable.

My friend raved about this and how healthy she felt so I bought the book, read up and started with hubby. It have been a little up and down but this forum has offered great support so I am focused on a way of life, not a quick win. I started at just over 72kgs and this morning weighed in under 68kgs. :oops:

I am proving to my self that I have determination which I didn't think I did....

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I am new to this but just wanted to say that the comments on the forum really act as a distraction when my stomach grumbles. The whole thing is a great support network and feels as if there is someone helping you along - what a good idea!
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Well time flies and today the anniversary of my embarking on the 5:2 journey. I am fasting today as well, being tad symbolic. Finding 6:1 is now enough to maintain my initial losses. I would love to do more but my instincts tell me to keep the pedal off for a while and then when all feels well, get back and continue to whittle away towards lower BMI. Healthy range for me is 25 and I am around 27. Always weighed heavy so maybe I am were I need to be.

Thoroughly enjoying cooking at present and have churned out some 10 out of 10 meals according to my DH, the constant recipient of my culinary delights and disasters. Last night was my favourite way to do turkey mince in cottage pie which is lots of small chunks of chopped up veggies, garlic, the turkey mince fried up and then flavour with nutmeg, soy sauce and veggie stock, thicken with cornstarch. Pop this in a pie dish and my 5:2 low carb tweak was to top with a celeriac mash and then on top of that a crumble of chopped fresh parsley,...

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No weight data

Oh god I don't feel good AND I'm exhausted. I know straight away I will be bold today. YOu what I discover today - that I cannot blame my OH for my eating habits. We miss breaky at hotel and while I'm not hungry OH says he is. I suggest McDonals at 11am. We stuff our faces and then drive 5 hours home - trip from hell. Munched a few jellys. Arrive home and flake on couch. Jmousey talks and talks abbout takeaway, OH isn't sure what he wants. At 5pm, Jmousey takes battered prawns and fries out of freezer which we eat with gusto ( I eat most as he says they taste weird) with garlic mayo. ARound 6pm Jmousey asks has OH decided what he wants as takeaway and he replies, I thought that we had dinner. SHOCK. I am bad temepered - no takeaway fix on Sunday night. Immediately I go to kitchen and behave like a crazy person. Handfuls of cashew nuts, half tub of quark cheese....I realise that I view Sundays as a day to go nuts. If my OH doesn't want to - I feel hard done by. I try not...

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