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Morning friends and I hope the end of the week has brought you good results. Here are my stats for the week:

TDEE = 1867 Calories eaten: Friday 2238; Sat 1874 Sun 487; Mon 1702
Tues 466; Weds 1787 and Thursday 487. = 9041. Meaning deficit of 4028
Add in 3 walks burning approx 600 calories each = total deficit of 5828.

Total loss for the week, one pound meaning my weight is now 10st 4lbs :grin:

Now I'm going to tell you about Mr LJ, he eats plain porridge made with water and he ads a banana every morning whether Fasting or not. He takes a packed lunch mainly a wholegrain roll, no spread, slices of ham, handful of small tomatoes and a granola type bar and a piece of fruit. He may have the occasional biscuit if offered it with a cup of tea as he goes about his work but not always. He has a job that means he drives a lot of miles and then it can involve a lot of physical work (he is a gas technician),...

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Three months on from starting this amazing process I am mentally hugging myself on a daily basis. I have lost 11 kg's and am now the thinnest/lightest I have been for probably over a decade! I am still amazed and astonished and in awe of how my body has responded to this way of fasting.
I didn't think I could do it initially, I was a slave to the belief that going without food for even a few hours was not good. How wrong I was. I love fasting! It makes me feel full of life and energy and I can almost imagine myself repairing on a cellular level lol.
This may sound a bit weird but some mornings when I wake up I have a check in with my body. I feel the differences the change in weight has made. At 56 my skin is beginning to lose it's elasticity. I have been very lucky genetically and am blessed with good skin but the ravages of time are taking their toll which makes me sad. I try to accept it but it's a timely reminder of my mortality and occasionally the reason for some tearful moments....

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just ran for 40 minutes and might go out again as it is the most amazingly beautiful night in Sydney. Clear sky and the right temperature for a run. Had flourless orange almond cake today for breakfast - I love this diet :star:
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The last 10 days I have had lost focus a little bit.. didn't manage to make my fasting days, a lot of things happened in my life - but really - BAD EXCUSE :curse: ..

So now I am back on track. Today is my fasting day, the first in more than one week, I hope I can keep it all day long, tomorrow I have decided to make a low calorie days as well, like 1000 cals.. Hope it will get me back.. :like:
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So I have been playing with "Alternate Day Fasting" or JUDDD as it is often seen around the internet, for a few weeks now. Not super successfully.

Then, 2 days ago,I saw 2 videos that Dr. Mosely did. WOW.

So yesterday was my first day on the 5:2. It went well.

I plan to do my 2 fasts on days that I work. I work T-W-Th-F. Much easier to not think about food when I am at work. And will keep it to under 550 calories. That is 25% of my TDEE.

I also plan to get to 10,000 steps a day, working on my "NEAT". And have started a Tabata type exercise regimen once a week.

So I am excited to start this journey.
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