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The fasting part of this diet I am finding reasonably OK. I have bought a selection of Weightwatcher ready meals, all well under 400 cals, and I am having one of these with loads of veg for my one meal of the day.

After last weeks debacle I did think that maybe my TDE figure was wrong. However I have put myself down as moderately active which I think is about right. I do about 90 mins hard running on my treadmill a week split over 3 or 4 sessions, and spend 7 - 10 hours a week walking my own dogs and 2 friends' dogs. So the TDE must be right, so I've been keeping a very careful check this week to make sure I don't exceed it.

I had to buy a new set of scales this week after the OH dropped ours in the bath he had just run himself :bugeyes: .The stats are below. The body fat has gone up due to the new scales probably being more accurate, so I have a long way to go to get to my target...

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Current Actual Weight: 70.3kg (11 stone 1 pound)
Current Trend Weight: 71.4kg (11 stone 3 pounds)

I wasn't going to write a daily blog entry today and I'm not feeling any real enthusiasm for doing so. However, I wanted to point out how amazed I was this morning when I stepped on the scales. Yesterday was a very careful day as it had to be because it was also the first feeding day after a fasting day. The last time that I had such a careful eating day after a fasting day, I actually went on to lose a little bit more weight which meant that I didn't have to be quite as careful now as what I was then, as my motive just now isn't to lose more weight.

However, the weight loss at this time was very small and that meant that it wouldn't have taken too many extra calories to have turned the weight loss at that time, into a weight gain. Because of that, I stuck with the same calorie intake yesterday as what I consumed a week earlier, with the only difference being that I added an extra three slices...

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I was on top of the Onederland Mountain at Christmas. Then I slipped on a rock and fell half way down. For 3 1/2 months I have struggled to climb back into Onederland and today I finally made it to the top. I know exactly why I slipped...

After 6 months of 4:3 and -42 lbs I "decided" to start the New Year of 2015 with a different method of fasting... the 16:8 window of eating. It was easier but the portion sizes and nibbling on foods started to once again become a problem. I'd gain 3 lbs... lose 2... gain 5... lose 4... my weight kept going up and down and even though I only gained 5 lbs total I felt terrible. Lesson learned... I can't fast using the 8 hour window method.

I've been fasting correctly this week... two days so far with 500 calories (one meal) and dropped 5 lbs. Obviously, my body needed that... to get back on track with repair. Today I am 197... the lowest I've been in 22 years. I have more to lose but now am SURE of how to get there. Hindsight is...

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Being over 40, BMI and age, I never did get that OMG moment, a photo or holiday or special event where I said, thats enough I've got to do something about it. I have just been in a permanant state of unhappiness in my own skin having been this size for as long as I can remember. Oh, I have tried every diet, of course I have only to fail time and time again. Since starting 5:2 WoE, it has allowed me to reflect upon why I was and felt such a failure.
Step One: It started with denying myself of food I really fancied and seem to want more as soon as I told myself I was on a 'diet'.
Step two: Arguing constantly with my own brain why I could allow myself that piece of chocolate until I gave in, ate that piece of chocolate followed by the whole bar
Step three: Thats it im useless feeling overwhelms me, I will just eat that biscuit because I feel really bad about myself
Step four: Im a complete failure,...

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Was gonna go for 4:3, but fast day went horribly wrong, so treating as a feast day worked well really. Now lost 4 lbs after 4 fast days and 2 weeks on the diet. Feeling good, only getting 6 hours sleep a night and feeling pretty good overall. Like the way of eating, working for me.
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