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So my experiment on 5:2 fasting for one month has ended. I'm 7lbs lighter and have lost 2" from my waist. I also feel much better about food generally and am enjoying both my fast and feed days. So it has all been very positive and I am going to set myself a new target of staying on 5:2 fasting until Easter and see how it is going by then. Hopefully I should have lost another stone by then, maybe a bit more.
OH has decided to fast as well which I found a bit annoying at first because he is hardly overweight! But I've come to terms with it and am trying to do some planning rather than just bung a load of vegetables in to make soup. He's doing it for the possible health benefits and because he thinks his metabolism could do with a bit of a boost.
So February has got off to a cold, wet and windy start but by the time spring is here I should be lighter and happier so that's something to look forward to. ...

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:victory: Another Monday, another fasting day. In the olden "diet" days I would dread Mondays. Frankly every day of dieting was torture. I'd think, "Okay, here I go again, count calories, restrict intake of carbs, suck down some gagalicious protein shake, journal every crumb that passes my lips - except for the mini- candy bar, look longingly at othe peoples' lunches. etc. etc.It's only a matter of time before I give in and give up"

But not today. I woke up with a spring in my step. The thought of fasting was almost as stress free as brushing my teeth. I just thought " Well, this is what I do on Monday." Is is it a walk in the park? No. But it doesn't feel like I will white knuckle it through the day.

This is only week three, but I feel strong and the hunger pangs are just part of the Monday (and Thurs.) routine. I'm actually feeling greatful for the Fast....

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Well, have eaten normally for the last couple of days. My recommended allowance is 1660 on a rest day, but if I have to start counting calories it's a diet, and if I feel like I'm on a diet then it wont work, so want to see how I go first with just counting calories on the fast days. Then if that doesnt work I'll maybe have a rethink.

For now, obviously dont feel like I'm dieting at all. Tomorrow's my second fast day though, but strangely I'm looking forward to it... and I know that I dont have another 'diet day' until next Monday then.

Really hope this works... it's so much easier than all the other diets if it does...
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Sitting here with an oxo cube for a treat of 7cals, I've decided to have a blast of 4.3 for the next fortnight to get me going into the new year and start my valentines challenge.
Still haven't weighed, I'm feeling a bit anxious as I'm usually all knowing with the daily weigh in. See if I can last till Saturday morning,

Tea 12
Tea 12
Oxo 7
Pepsi max and slimline tonic
Bouillon 12

Prawns and homemade Rosemarie 175g 119
Salad 200g 60
Total 238

Fat 1g
Carbs 17
Protein 27
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hi everyone :smile:
i am looking for one or two fast mates for encouragement
i am 56 yr old male started at 119.9 kilo in august and am now around 96.
do 5:2 plus canadian air force 11 minute exercise
going getting a bit tough
any offers
thanx :frown:
bebe :cool:
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