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Well as you can see I lost some of the bloating. Today was a little tough as I was up at 6am and didn't eat til 12 noon to start my 16:8. I had kind of hoped to do a fast with 2 small meals but I was too hungry. So my food went as follows:

8am-12pm 4 coffees with milk

12pm demi baguette, butter, 2 easy single cheese slices (250)
tesco vegetables with garlic butter (250 cals)
2 crackers with soft cheese

530pm: 2 boiled eggs
5:45pm: 2 porch chops, mini pizza (590 cals)
bite of a mars bar and bite of icecream burger (100cals)

Total 1366 cals(myfitness pal)

So I'm a good bit under my TDEE but I am very full after my dinner to be honest and feel bloated. However, I found the strectch between 12 and 530 quite tough and I'm quite drawn and tired today. I did my 5mile run with the girls and we had to stop off for me to get water (nevfer happens) and felt quite dizzy a lot. However, it takes time to get used to this and I'm still slightly jet lagged.


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Found yesterday's fast surprisingly easy and slept well. Had poached eggs on toast for breakfast this morning in spite of not being particularly hungry. Some people have commented that they don't eat breakfast the day after a fast day but I've decided to do two fast days and five normal eating days. I don't want to drift into doing something I am not yet convinced is healthy ie going for very long periods without eating. I'm happy to trial 5:2 for a month and see how I get on. What I don't want to do is launch myself into something full tilt and find I can't keep it up. So I'm tackling this step by step and if in the future I decide to change my eating pattern on my non-fasting days then I might do so.

As for today I have been surprised that I haven't been hungrier. I've enjoyed what I've eaten but haven't craved snacks or nibbles. That may change and I'm going to use this blog to monitor how I feel about food and eating on fast and non-fast days.

Feel supported by all the comments and...

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I :heart: 5:2

I'm 54.9 kg as of this morning. Thrilled to bits. I've lost 19.7% of my body weight and am now healthy on all measurements. I'm still aiming to replace more of my body fat with muscle and need to firm up the flab round my middle. I will allow up to 2kg more weight loss as a buffer zone, but I'm happy with my size now :cool:

Thank you Dr Michael Mosley!
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I have not blogged since May but thought I should record my progress for all of you still struggling to lose the pounds. Today i weighed in at 181.4 pounds - under 13 stone just for the first time in years. 164 pounds still seems a long way off but considering I started at 205 pounds much progress has been made and I now buy size 16 rather than size 20. I still have to force myself to pick up a 16 because i still cant believe they will fit! I even have a stretchy size 12 skirt i can get on which was mis marked in the shop. So moral of the story is keep going peeps :cool:
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I had a repeat DXA scan recently and the headline news is that it vindicates the WOE and schedule that I follow.

June 2013 I was 127lbs and 42% body fat
March 2014 119lbs 30.1% body fat
March 2015 102lbs 20.1% body fat

My stringent gym/workout/activities mean that I've managed to conserve my muscle mass remarkably well given the 17lbs weight difference in a year. Usual estimates are that during WLM, somewhere from 15-60% of drops in mass will be lean body mass (LBM) rather than body fat (BF).

I lost 300g of skeletal muscle which is:
i) within the repeat error range for a DXA
ii) much lower than would usually be expected
iii) the version I prefer is that this shows that my vanguard actions to retain my muscle mass are allowing me to hold station.

The downside of iii) is that it might indicate just how very hard I need to work to maintain my muscle mass and it would tend to confirm my suspicion that surgery...

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