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I don't really know if you all want to read this but some people asked me to update it so here goes. My son and his family were up last weekend, he just wanted to come home for the weekend. A long drive for him but he made it. We all (my husband and myself and my daughter and her family) tried to be very positive for him but it was so difficult seeing him in so much pain. He went back Monday and today had an appointment at Rickmansworth hospital. It seems his tumour is too big to operate at the moment as they would need to take too much away. He has intensive radiotherapy and chemo starting next month to try to reduce the tumour before they operate. I can't believe they are waiting a month! They have also noticed a shadow in his lungs and will investigate that. We will, of course be down in London at the end of this week for as long as it takes.
Must admit to being in a very bad place tonight.

Robert has been a smoker and moderate drinker all his adult life.

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I think I'm getting the hang of things now, 2:13 and I've eaten a boiled egg, slice of toast and tea, plus plenty of water. Ive started using MyFitnessPal instead of calorie count so I've come in at 280 so far today, I will probably have soup later on this evening.

Yesterday I had only eaten 650 calls by dinner time but was concerned when the app said I might go in to starvation mode? So I topped up with a couple :wink: of glasses of wine.
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Here I am again, in my 15 minute break between lighting cues entertaining myself with my blog.
Finished my 36hour at 12pm today with sushi and a skim latte. I also have had a chocolate frog this afternoon just before our dress rehearsal this afternoon (naughty me!) I was planning on having very little this afternoon and then a small dinner, but then my friend invited me to have Chinese tonight and I couldn't resist. I'll have to see how I go, but I have both a breakfast and a dinner meeting tomorrow so I'm going to have to restrain myself from overeating tonight. I may post again later to stop myself from eating any dessert after dinner. As usual I can see my weekend destroying all of my good work, but I'm so determined this time! I WILL HAVE WEIGHT LOSS ON SUNDAY!!!
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Hi all my 8th fast today and it's been a good day lovely and warm here i Australia today so i didnt feel so hungry, when its cold it dose get to me a bit....hope all is well with you all :oops:
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I would like to thank Dr M, not only for introducing me to the 5:2, but also for his programme on parasites last night - it stopped me from eating a cake that was calling my name very loudly from the fridge :heart:

I managed to keep under my TDEE yesterday so I'm happy with that, I don't see that I will have a weight loss to report this week, but it's an ongoing process now. A Fast day today so good luck to all who are doing that too.

All together now Michael "There's a worm at the bottom of the garden, and his name is Wiggly Woo...." :bugeyes:
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