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My usual days of fasting are Mon/Thurs. But after my rough weekend and 1 lb gain, I have decided to fast today.

As I am typing, our principle just annownced over the intercom a lunch buffet for "Teacher Appreciation Week" Well this teacher is going to appreciate herself by not chowing down at the feeding frenzy.

I love the flexibility of this lifestyle and I'm feeling happy. Feeling in control feels much better than the fleeting taste of a chicken enchilada. Have a great day :wink:
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Green sludge day today with extra kale which will take the calorie count up to 423 for the day. Extra kale to atone for yesterday's feed day which was all going rather well until I got bored with myself in the evening for not finding enough food to eat and I decided that I should not be under eating my TDEE.

Breakfast was carby,(75g) but I had not eaten since Sunday lunchtime (fast day) and had been training hard. I also had a tough yoga session to look forward to so did not want to wait until lunchtime. So the day looked like this:

Breakfast. Bulletproof coffee, banana bread (paleo), home made tea loaf, 1 banana (625 cals in total)
Lunch. Home made chicken tagine (304 cals)
Dinner. Garlic and cauliflower soup (72 cals)
Total 1000 calories and 433 under TDEE
Not hungry and bored with food but anxious about under eating.

Having just had my first telephone convo about "what are we doing for Christmas", I was inspired to try out a cocktail. And lo, an expresso martini was...

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Up until this week I have only really told a few close friends an family about me fasting. However I was at work the other day a a work colleague was asking me what I did about eating on the coffee morning days for lunch as one we have dropped the kids off will she will be at school till at least after lunch and I am there till nearly 4pm. I said actually Thursday is normally one of my fast days so I don't actually eat until my evening meal. I was ready for a possible negative reaction and was pleasantly surprised when she answered with a positive response saying "oh my hairdresser is doing that and she has lost weight" after talking about for a while I ended up promising her that I would send her the link for this website and lend her the book. She sent me several texts that evening asking questions and a few during the next day asking me about my fast day and how I was feeling. By Friday she had stated her first fast and after surviving the day has text me this morning to say...

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Didn't have time to fast this week, as one of the kids birthdays :frown: , but have stayed the same - that's good, going to try harder next week, and have started today to take the dog for a long walk each day. :oops:
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That's the sound of me drumming my fingers waiting for loo related stuff to be delivered.... could be a long day with no dog walk.

Anyway, morning to you and if you were Fasting yesterday I hope it went well. I had a good day fortified by a ready meal and cups of tea. I was hungry by the time I went to bed but as usual it had gone by the morning.

I am still having breakfast but I try to be better controlled with my calories. I have started the day today with a banana and a fat free yogurt. I'll have a piece of fruit mid morning and a lunch of crispbreads and low fat cheese spread (laughing cow blue, 25 cals per triangle).

Another bit of fruit in the afternoon and a decent dinner - already prepped and in the freezer - loin of pork cassoulet! I don't no how to spell cassoulet - Have a great day, I'm off to hang around in a useless fashion! Image...

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