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So after yesterday's carb overload I am not going to the Salamanca Market for my weekly doughnut and homily pie fix. Instead I am going to be a good girl and stay home and cook. Home made thin and crispy pizza tonight with balsamic onion, mushroom and ligurian olives, tomorrow a savoury crumble, which reminds me, must go and soak the adzuki beans.

Off to pick up a dog for a week's 'babysitting' so I shall have some much needed exercise for this week. I must admit I am extraordinarily lazy when it comes to exercise. At work I can get up at 4.20am as the gym is virtually next door, but at home and 30 minutes from the nearest gym, I turn into a three toed sloth. Yes, I know, I could be doing it at home but I have no excuse. I am lazy!

A light weekend of eating, fast Monday and I shall see how I go. I don't feel any different but we shall see!
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Dreamt I was playing Beach Volleyball last night. In a bikini :lol:

Guess that's what I shall aim for!
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Thanks so much, ladies. I find this forum so supportive. I really have to make sure I keep it about the health benefits. My blood sugars are better this week than they have been in years! They are in the normal range. I have a doc appt. next week - I've been putting it off for months, and will use whatever bloodwork they do as my baseline as I've only been doing this less than a month. I need to keep the long vision in mind and not worry about the weight - in my heart of hearts, I'd love to lose 70 pounds (about 32kg), but if I make that my focus, I'll get discouraged. I'm finding I have to work through the fast days and not obsess on the eating days and keep reminding myself it's one more day down successfully. Is that paradoxical? To keep the long view in mind while being mindful one day at a time too?? :dazed:

Fast day for me today, I'm having some lovely plum ambrosia tea and need to...

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Well, until today I have faithfully managed to maintain the 4:3 rhythm, fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've lost 2.5 kilos, not sure how much off the waist as I've mislaid my tape measure. More importantly, I'm feeling more comfortable in my clothes and myself. I do a short stint of yoga (only 15 minutes) every morning, and the rolls of excess baggage are no longer quite so much in the way.

I have realised that on a week where I am at work on a Monday, fasting Wednesday and Friday doesn't feel like too much of a burden. But when I am at home Monday (as I was this week for the bank holiday), it seems harder. I'm struggling today, though having just added my super healthy (NOT!) food for the day - a mini pack of Hula hoops and a Starbucks veggie wrap, I've noticed that I'm still under 500, whoop, whoop! So I could still make it...

Studying whilst fasting is really hard work. Sometimes, I find it gives me greater clarity, and it certainly saves time. At others, I find myself becoming...

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Ya know when it's going to be a bad day when:

1. Your knackered

2. Have sever gut issues

3. Have a child that will not stop yelling at you times a head today, thank goodness it's not a fast day today or we'd have issues with that too, as in I doubt I'd do it! lol,

Sofia was up most of last night due to her legs randomly deciding to cramp up, first time it's ever happened and, of course, she couldn't explain what was wrong due to crying, took about half hour to just say "my legs are squeezing" as soon as she said that both me and Stu knew what it was, but did we know how to help? Nope. So sat there helplessly till it subsided by it's self, thank goodness for google as now we do know what to do! But then for the rest of the night it was uber broken sleep cause she kept waking up for tiny things (no muslin in her hand, toy giraffe not in sight, etc etc) So very tired mummy today, doesn't help I was up last night with my gut running a million miles an hour, at least...

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