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As much as my head would like to see a number like 145 on the scale, 151-152 seems to be where where it has settled for awhile! My husband has put about 15 pounds back on over the winter, but as a cattle feeder having to get out early on cold winter mornings and break ice and work cattle, more calories got to be important! With warmer temps he is once again trying to do 2 fast days with me! Our drought and terrible dust storms have made walking nearly impossible some days so i am happy to be where I am! Threw away my fat summer clothes this week as I have gone from a size 14 to an 8. Kept a couple size 12 I had bought in triumph last summer! They will hopefully serve as my reminder that I was even larger than that! Bloodwork and pressure improved also. keeping good health habits remains my top priority as I have the reminder of long term effects of type two diabetes in my dad as he now battles kidney failure. Needing new clothes that fit is a very nice perk to the new lifestyle. I never...

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The weeks fast went wonderfully. I weighed myself on Wednesday to do a control and on my official weighing day I lost a nice amount of 0,9kg. I was of course wonderfully happy. It was hard work as I am doing an obscene amount of walking and added in a 30 day squat challenge.

Then came the rest of the day. I ate nothing that would say as terrible or an over indulgence. Normal food and amount. Normal being Asian non deep fried. Sunday I was to stay at a stand selling waffles, hotdogs, ice cream and the likes for my son’s football tournament. I hate basically all the things on offer so I decided to do a mini fast. I will not eat anything thus avoiding eating something that I really don’t like anyway. It of course work as I was not tempted. I came home then ate lunch which was about 500 calories which consisted of rice (which I measured to be 1dl raw), 1 scrambled egg and Asian style spinach soup. The rice being the bulk calories. Then in the evening I had 2 cheese hotdogs with buns and a c...

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I am still in awe of the 5:2 plan. After years, make that decades, of trying to lose weight and never getting even close to a healthy BMI I have now done it easily. I now recognise real hunger rather than boredom as a trigger to eat. I'm making healthier food choices and I know what my body is capable of.

The benefits have been great. Healthier, happier and more confident. I admit I do check myself out in shop windows and am pleased with what I see. It is great, if a bit expensive being able to buy nice clothes in tiny sizes. Yesterday I tackled a long flight of steep stairs on a bush walk that used to leave me hauling myself up by the handrail. I climbed them with no assistance from the handrail at a decent clip and only breathed a little heavier when I reached the top. I can also do push-ups!

I do greet the fast days with a little bit of trepidation. I'm a bit sick of miso soup! I have to remind myself that it is only for a day and then I can get back to normal. The one thing I dislike...

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Yesterday I didn't have lunch til 5pm!! I had some shopping to do and thought I would get it done quickly first thing in the afternoon and then have a later lunch. But not that much later!

I had to get something to eat when I was out, as I was stressed, tired and light headed. Settled for a pear. Had my usual lunch once home, but a smaller serve of salad. Delayed dinner til almost 8, didn't really feel hungry but I knew if I didn't eat a decent meal then, I might end up snacking on whatever.

I did have choccie with my decaf when I sat down to watch The Code and The Tunnel, 2 great shows. It was a conscious choice although I was eating for emotional reasons. And I had more than I would ideally have had, but I savoured and enjoyed every mouthful, and was able to stop myself having anything else, when part of me wanted to. (I was feeling emotional and fragile for a lot of the day. I was singing along at the top of my voice with the wonderful Teddy Tahu Rhodes "Some enchanted evening"...

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First fast I broke down and ate way too much. My calorie count was 1000. It was much lower them I would normally eat.. so I guess it is a start.
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