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Right now I will get to the present. I am on the train in the middle...heading towards end of a fast day. I am hoping this one keeps being as easy as it seems and I don't fly into another semi binge @ 8pm! Lordy Lordy :bugeyes: Today I had my soup for bfst and whilst I am hungry I feel as I did for the first 10 fasts, fine and tomorrow I will have that which I might fancy today.

Tomorrow I do my weekly weigh in - pants feel tight today but that could be cos of these shorts. I shall wait and see. I had a big weekend last weekend with a guest staying plus friends over fir dinner. All vego but fattier and carbier than normal. However I didn't go overboard. Will save this as internet may cut out on train...TBC
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1 coffee black (no sugar)!
1 Quaker oats Original (188) cals

Only after heating the porridge did I wish I had chosen the Apple & Blueberry instead of Original. Roll on monastic life in the 15th century.
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Well it is not my 1st fast day, but I really let myself go for the last few months and my weight went up and up and up. Infact yesterday since I decided to diet properly again I weigh myself and it was 82.4kg. If I think that around end of May last year I managed to get down to 73kg, I am really disappointed. Today after a day of fasting, where I didn't eat for the whole day and had only dinner (didn't think I could do it so easily) the weight is 82.2. A bit strange since I know that the day after a fast usually it drops even by a kilo. Well not that bad. The important thing is the fatc that I have taken the decision to look after meyself once again.
Unfortunatley, for those who know my passion for sport, I cannot run lately. I Have a serious back problem and I am solving it hoping to get back on the track soon. So Christmas, winter and the lack of training have brought me to this state. Now it is time to put thing in order once again. Can't look at myself in the mirror anymore and see...

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So yesterday was my first fast day and this is what I ate:

Breakfast: Nothing, just water.

Lunch: A waitrose cup a soup (62 calories) and a pack of strawberries (63 calories).

Snack: Another cup a soup (62 calories)

Dinner: Some stir fry veg and a chicken breast with a home made teriyaki sauce (approx 250 calories)

So the total for the day was 433 calories.

It was surprisingly easy, I got quite hungry shortly after lunch and after dinner which was strange, but being busy at work was a distraction.

This morning I feel quite bloated, I wasn't expecting to given the tiny amount I ate yesterday! Despite barely eating yesterday, I don't really feel like pigging out, I thought I'd be dreaming of food...

I did weigh myself this morning (mistake!) and discovered that I had put on a pound?! I won't weigh myself until after my second fast day and see if anything has happened.

X o x
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I hit a bit of a set back this week. After a particularly hard training session I felt absolutley drained, to the point of climbing into bed and sleeping for a week. I decided to skip my fasting days this week to see if my training picked up, it did. Now I am going to go back on it next week just to check it was not a "blip" and I was just drained or wether it is the fasting. I train now 4-6 days a week , I have to as I have a fitness assement in a months time. Although I'm carrying "extra baggage" I need to sort out my cardio rather than concentrate on just loosing weight. So the diet may take a back seat after next weeks trial, until I get the assessment out of the way. If that is the case I will weigh in then rather than the 14th which would of been a month....I'm apprehensive as to what I'm going to see on the scales but I know that I have lost some weight as I don't feel as bloated all the time. Wether that's attributed to the 5:2 or exercise i will only find out...

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