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Just as I got started again Monday's storm knocked out our Internet. Finally picked up new live box this evening.
I managed my fast on Monday but not today. Monday evening whilst the storm was raging and we had no power my elderly cat had a stroke, finally dying Tuesday morning. It has upset me greatly. She was two weeks short of her 19th birthday and had been with me from six weeks of age.
I will try again next week once my emotions are under control.
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been stuffing my face with chocolate all day long. but hey, period and stuff. GAAAAH. i'm allowed to be a grumpy blob but i feel horrid. uh. oh the self pity! more chocolate!
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weight: 8st 10.75

Ok so it's a loss and I'll take it. Better than nothing. I wasn't able to do a fast yesterday and in fact while I easily made it til 2pm before starting to eat, I had a scary experience later on. So basically I had coffee all morning and then lunch. I then had a couple of boiled sweets and went home. I felt fine and decided to walk the dogs for 10mins and intended to have dinner then. While out walking, my blood sugar took a terrible dive, I got the shakes, saw white in front of my eyes and basically had hypoglycemia. I used to get it years ago on diets but it's been a long time. It was getting worse and worse even though I wasn't hungry. I got home and basically had to put a load of crap into my body to try and remove the feeling, so my food went as follows:

7am: coffee with milk
9am ditt0
10am: ditto
12pm: fizzy water and coffee with milk
2pm: brown bagel with 2 easy singles and butter
digestive biscuit
3-5pm 3 boiled sweets
645pm: half iceburger,...

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I had my first fitness test a couple of weeks ago and apparently I am fit enought for the cops but not the army. I was happy with that :)
I am now attempting 5 weeks of high intensity kettle bell 20min workout which a friend of mine designed. Hopefully the end result is that I improve my fitness and muscle strength.

I must admit though that I definitely struggle to do this high intensity workout now that I am doing the 5:2 diet. I used to do it prior to staring 5:2 and never experienced the muscle fatigue and hunger that I get now.

I stopped working out on my fast days as I just found it too hard. I'd get home and want to eat the entire contents of my pantry cupboard.

After my second fitness test I am going to swap to doing long slow walks on my exercise days and some light weights. I think it will actually be a better fit with this diet.

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So have just finished my second week of ADF and my weight has fluctuated lots over the course of the week, but overall am pleased with 1.5lbs considering I lost so much last week. Suppose it's slow and steady from now on. I've decided to do 4:3 this week as I find it quite difficult to fast over the weekend so hopefully this won't have too much of a negative effect on weigh in next week......
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