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Well just weighed in for week 2 and didn't have any loss which is disappointing. :frown:

I didn't gain though so I suppose that is a plus. I guess this means I will have to start counting calories on my non-fast days, which I was hoping I wouldn't have to!

I've worked out that for me to lose 1kg per week my calories should be 1400 per day, so if I only have 500 each fast day and 1800 on non-fast days, then that averages out to 1400 per day over the course of one week. :geek: I'll try that this week and see what happens. 1800 cals for the day sounds ok. Has anyone else tried this sort of approach? I'd be keen to hear from you! :smile:
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Sad as my Mum died last Sunday. Decided to give myself a break so haven't fasted this week. Still lost a lb though. I feel I am definitely eating less at mealtimes and eating more mindfully instead of shovelling food into my mouth. Will probably fast again Monday and Thursday this week and see how that goes.
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Third day fast is over on Friday and then it’s was the weekend. I do not plan to fast weekends as I am around the family and they want me to cook and do motherly things.

I did manage to walk home from the event on Friday, even taking a longer route so that I had 1 hour walk in total. I then kept myself busy and ate. I was starving so long walks while fasting is not a viable option for now. I do a short walk in the mornings and leave evenings free to do other things. I hope that it will change eventually when the body is more used to the fasting business.

We have the boat out now so there will be days where I will be picked up for a trip on it before I head home, those days will be take out days. I must say spending the day out in the fresh air and sun is really tiring. I was not starving or anything, I actually bought a salad for my lunch. Coming home means I ate and went to bed early. The day was spent by moving and using my body. I am not much of an eater at home, I tend to lose weight a...

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Second Fast of the week as follows:

Calories 481
Carbs 103g (81%)
Fat 4g (7%)
Protein 15g (12%)

Breakfast - small banana
Lunch - zucchini and carrot 'pasta' with fresh tomato salsa
Dinner - roasted garlic and cauliflower soup
Snacks - blueberries
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Such a long time with no blog so it's time for a catch up.
It was my birthday on Friday - 62.
I haven't lost any weight since last summer and I'm ok with that, but I hope I do lose more when this summer comes.
I wore my new red dress to the party on Saturday. It was bought with local currency and is quite a posh dress. I even bought some lipstick to wear with it as it was the kind of dress that made you think 'lipstick'. Everyone complimented me on my appearance and I think it was the weight loss as well as the red dress. I don't wear stockings so I wore black leggings under neath which looked a bit odd, but so what! I reckon when I get to 62 I can wear what I like to my own party.
I have been fasting nearly 18 months and it is hardly an issue any more. I just do it. I have learned some tricks. I think it's good to have nothing all day and then have a more or less normal evening meal, early but no wine or heavy carbs.
The house renovations which were in full swing when I started fasting...

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