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It's taken a while for the penny to drop. After I recorded a weigh-in at 108lbs, something was niggling at me.

I've just realised that it's because my heaviest weight was 168lbs (2011) so I've shed 60lbs. 60lbs is 36% of 168lbs and 56% of my current weight.

I used ADF/4:3 to shed this weight and also to change my body composition as much as I could, and in line with healthy parameters.

I'll be very interested to see how IF/ADF/4:3 and similar fasting maintainers fare in the long-term, both anecdotally and in clinical studies.
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Wow, found that loads easier than the first fast day. Wasnt hungry until lunchtime and just had some WW tuna on crackers. Gorgeous weather probably helped with that though! Did the BBQ for dinner but just had a burger (no bap) and salad. No alcohol today, but dont mind cause I can have it tomorrow. :grin:
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I used 5/2 before and successfully lost weight on it. Then lost a bit more by juicing and then being unwell for 9 days! Got to 9 St 13 and stayed there for a good 8 months without 5/2. However over past couple months have gained a few pounds, maybe only 4 at most but its creeping. I still have BMI of 21.5 so no biggy but I want to be back where I was and maybe a few pounds less for good measure. I have therefore restarted 5/2. I think it gives great regulation and I hope to lose the few pounds plus, then maintain with it. So that's my story so far. Last time I did not think to seek advice and help but now I have found the forum I think its brilliant.

So I restarted this Monday (bank holiday I might add) and my first fast was absolutey fine. Really pleased as was nervous, a little. Normal day today (Tuesday) and fasting again tomorrow. Going to a friends for dinner this weekend so might do a further semi fast on Friday (maybe 1000 cals ish). Not sure about this yet though, day at a time....

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First day of 5:2 fasting. Am giving this a go for January, fasting Mondays and Thursdays. Today has been reasonably easy. I had two boiled eggs and an Apple for breakfast then weighed out vegetables to make it up to 500cals. I made the vegetables into a soup and had that this evening. I'm hungry but it's just about bed time and I feel relaxed and tired so hope I sleep ok. Really looking forward to eggs and toast for breakfast! :like:
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Well, I'm increasingly getting excited about starting my fast on Monday. I entered my first forum and got some very positive and encouraging responses. I think I'm seriously going to like it here. Hubby is joining me although he doesn't really have that much to lose . . . unlike me who needs to lose way too much. However, like the old Chinese proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." And I feel like I've taken that step by reading Moseley's book and coming to these pages. Am I a little skeptical? Yes. I just want it to work for ME because I have failed too many times. I'm excited, scared, nervous, did I mention excited?!
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