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I'm off on the 10.35am plane to Sydney. I'm off for a holiday. It's a fasting day. I'm thinking that I'll try to do a fast as usual. I won't eat breakfast or lunch and will have a small dinner tonight. If it's too hard to fast on holiday, I won't. It's not the end of the world. Possibly I will put on weight I've lost. Possibly not. I can continue 5:2 when I get home. It's only for 9 days, 3 fasts. If I intend to do this for the rest of my life, then taking a break is no big deal. So that is my final decision: no decision. One day at a time. See how it goes.
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Here we are on 1 Sept. Since my last post in June I have been on a see saw of 2 lbs 126 to 128.

I know that 124 -126 is my maintaining status - that's what I'm aiming for my wellbeing - less weight easier the arthritis is. :heart: :clover: :like:
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3 sausage, egg and chips
no veg - the husband's turn to cook after an afternoon at the pub watching the footy. Why am I suprised?
1 piece of rocky road 1 piece chocolate rice crispy (both homemade) - yes this may seem naughty to some but it's better than usual when I would have had four pieces and some other crap.

Managed to to stave off eating until about 3pm then had an apple. Had a banana about an hour before tea. Not planning on doing this every weekend just trying to kick start something. I shall insist on vegetables tonight. Thinking stew or curry....
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About a week ago, I read a thread by Phil T about numbers - specifically, it was putting weight loss targets into a mathematical formula of calories, tdee, weight loss and aiming to help other posters see why 5:2 might not be working so well for them....

I read it a couple of times then tried playing with numbers myself

It does make sense though I generally find my actual tdee is less than most calculators estimate it to be

I found that the best approach is to take tdee as being sedentary as my job is mostly, then to adjust for activities on feed days...
I find that to key losing around a pound a week, I need to consume no more than 5500 not calories a week

Working back, that means my sedentary tdee is 5500 + 3500 = 9000

Or about 1286 per day

Most calculators actually give me around 1580 a day, but if I do that, with fasting 2 days, that would get me to a deficit of 1492 and weight loss drops or stalls - particularly if I eat a lot of refined crabs, chocolate and alcohol in those...

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Oh, well. I just realised that I have a blog and that I can post something in it. :smile:
This is not gonna be the longest entry, but my first one. Been here for 15-16 weeks now?
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