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When I started this WOL, my carb intake was very high as I was eating a lot of bread (albeit wholemeal bread), potatoes, pasta and rice. Since starting this WOL, I have cut out those things and tried to go by a diet which is lower in carbs than what I was eating before. With that in place, I was then ready to bring my protein intake down a bit whilst increasing my fat intake (especially saturated fats) or so I thought.

However, there has been a few comments in this forum today in response to another thread which I started earlier on today, and I have found those comments rather depressing to the point that I'm still feeling a bit upset by them. The reason for that is because a number of people have commented that my current carb intake is still not low enough for that to be considered as a low carb diet. To me, that is just making me feel as though I have failed in terms of trying to achieve my goal of a low carb diet and am now incapable of achieving that goal.

It must be remembered...

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Today was my first weigh-in day after joining this forum, and I'm really pleased with my overall results after gaining two pounds during the previous week. Last week started off with an RPM class and turned into my usual day for bingeing.

I used to binge all the time before I lost weight and that was how I got to 19 stone in the first place. However, the 5:2 diet has given me more freedom on what I can eat on a non-fasting day. With the 5:2 diet, we are free to eat whatever we like. However, that is not the same as eating as much as we like as I discovered last week when I gained that couple of pounds.

What is most important is the average calorie intake across the whole week but with the 5:2 diet, we will generally lose weight because we are eating well below our BMR for each of two days every week and then eating at our maintenance level during the rest of the week. That means that if that maintenance level is 2000 calories per day and we limit ourselves to 500 calories per day during...

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This blog is a pep talk about my upcoming vacation. I've just reached my goal weight! It was so much easier then Adkins! I love just not thinking about the food. But Wed. I leave on a 4 week European vacation. I really want to try all the foods and not think about weight! Worried I'll regain the weight. Also, I'm taking my new 'Slim pants'. Four weeks is long enough to regain enough weight to make the pants not fit! But, I've learned I can do so much more than I think. I need to be confident. Just take the new pants and maybe one or two fast/repair days on the trip.

Wish me luck! I love my new size!
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Yesterday I bought some new size 12 jeans. Wore them in the evening and at bed time took them off without undoing them! I had to do it twice to be sure it really happened. I don't know what the scales say and will not weigh until the June forum weigh in, part of my new strategy for keeping it all under control. The fact is this 4:3 is working. I hesitate to say it but the fasting is becoming established as normal routine now which is what I was aiming for. I am also beginning to naturally eat less on feast days. I now never feel completely stuffed and can happily say no to things. The wonderful thing is I can eat whatever I want four days a week yet most of the time I do not want extras. I have also discovered it is not difficult to be amongst others eating when I am fasting. I just say I don' t want anything, which is true. For some reason that is acceptable to people, so no diet talk or pressure, just simple acceptance.
This morning I feel empty and am looking forward to breakfast.

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Couldn't resist jumping on the scales yesterday even though it was not my weigh in day. Was very please to see another 1 kg down. Not recording it until I weight again on Friday just in case it's gone! :victory:
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