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Just having started the 5:2 journey to a healthier life, I'm really interested to find out how anyone's existing medical conditions have responded to 5:2. I am only at the end of week 2 and 4 fasting days later, I haven't weighed and measured myself yet ..that's a whole different topic.. I have a head in the sand approach to the scales. Anyway my painful skin condition has had a relapse, the boils and cysts have become infected and I am wondering whether it is a response to my new way of eating. I will persevere my body will just have to get over it, this time I'm determined that the condition I have won't control me I'm going to control it. Does anyone have a condition that has improved or better controlled because of 5:2. :clover:
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As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm sticking to the same foods on my 500 days, so I don't have to think. I am often very busy with work and I know I would be tempted to say 'tomorrow' to myself if I had to cook a different meal twice a week.

Fortunately, I'm a bit odd as I like all sorts of whacky food, including tofu. So two boiled eggs and a ryvita for a late lunch is fine. As is plain tofu with soya sauce and broccoli for a late dinner. (I'm vegetarian)

My husband goes out on Monday nights, so there is only one night when we have to plan to eat separately, which is no big deal. He is very supportive of my plan but doesn't really understand why I'm doing it.

I thought I would really struggle as I have never dieted in my life but I'm actually amazed at how easy it has been so far.

I do get a headache sometimes, but I'm reading that that is quite common. I'm also fortunate that I have no medical problems, except the onset of osteoporosis, consistent with my age.

It's early...

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Hmm, I do already have a which is mainly about quilting, but also about life, family, dogs etc from time to time. But to keep track of my road to a lesser me with the 5:2 way, I start this one too.

I don't know exactly when I found the 5:2 fasting way, but it must have been during the summer and at once I know "this is it"! I have never felt drawn to diets like GI, LHCF, Weight watchers or such, mostly due to the fact that the kids need normal food and I don't have it in me to cook two different kinds of dishes every day, one is more than enough. And to take out potatoes, rice etc from my own diet has never been my thing.

So I started and lost 2kg, but then got stuck. Well I realize that my minor cheating has put a nail in my spanner.....or more like this urge to eat something even though it isn't absolutely not necessary....even if it has been veggies or a cup of café latte....

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So I'm not really a blogger type of person but right now I need to do something. I've been fasting since the beginning of the year and all was going well until Autmun kicked in. Now I cant seem to stop sabotaging myself with naughties. I like baking and have for years but it's only recently this has become a major problem.

Before A.S. (Autumn Sabotage) began I could quite easily save treats until the weekend or just have a small amount of biccie/cake/flapjack. This situation is no more and I need to do something, as this plateau I've been on since July has now turned into a gradual gain and I'm not having it. So this is it. This is where I will be logging what I eat. I may also log exercise as at the moment I'm not doing any other than weekend alotmenting, but that's not enough.
First entry:
Saturday 22nd November 2014 - GOAL - to skip lunch, eat as late as possible and just have fruit until teatime. Normal tea followed...

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So thats it then, got the first one out of the way and I have to say as much as I am looking forward to tomorrow I found it a lot easier than I thought I would. I relented at about 12:30 and had a Tescos Light Choices cup a soup at work. I think the 2 black coffees helped this morning aswell, although I'll let you into a secret - I'm not really supposed to drink coffee because I am a naturally hyper person, so if I'm honest I was as high as a kite this morning - no wonder I was'nt bothered about food!!
Water and fruit and spice teas have also helped and I can easily do this 2 days a week, it seems I made the right choice in deciding to follow this plan, fingers crossed it stays that way...... :grin:
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