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I am officially in phase 2. I really need to get a before picture taken. I am really slow. It might be due that it is so much colder now and stripping is not what I want to be doing.

I did some body work on Friday and I was really aching the whole of Saturday and Sunday. I did a 19 hr fast on Monday and one set of the workout. I am easing myself into it as I know charging headon means I will lose steam.

One set was enough to get me panting and sweating and dizzy on the sofa. So I was glad I did not over do it. I found out that I need heavier weights and the 4 kg kettle bell was too light for me for my dumbell rows. I do have dumbells and weights at home somewhere. I just need to dig them out.

I do 10 push ups each time I pass my stairs which is about all the time as I have a weirdly constructed house. When I started on Friday I barely could do five and now I am able to do 10. I will slowly increase the amount I will do each time I pass by the stairs. My goal as said to do a proper push...

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Well for the second time this week I have done a 24 hour fast. I amazed I find it easier this way having previously believed I had to eat every three hours due to blood sugar levels. I was feeling light headed by 5 pm but did not give in. I managed to cook dinner from scratch and not pick whilst I was preparing it. I am looking forward to eating properly tomorrow. I have kept busy all day which is I think the key to doing this. It is still early days yet and I do need to keep control on feed days. My plan is to try and cut out snacks and just eat three meals. As part of lunch I will include a coffee and cake as it is something I really enjoy. This is all about learning new strategies to avoid the urge to binge. By managing the fast days I am showing myself I can control food. I am also learning to enjoy food. It is no longer the enemy.
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Today was pretty busy -- my boyfriend and I ran errands all over town, and went out to eat at this well-known local Mexican restaurant. It was delish. I loooved not having to worry about finishing the whole plate and drinking horchata. Easiest diet ever.

I'm kind of worried that it's working TOO well, though. I dropped 3 pounds since yesterday's fast. :shock: Is that normal?!? I even ate more than the 500 calories. I've heard that your weight can bounce up and down pretty quickly on this diet, so hopefully I didn't lose that much weight this week, that doesn't seem healthy. Was it just water weight??

I also didn't work out the past 2 days, which was not good. I've been up all night because my leg muscles feel sore... they get that way when I sit around too much. So now I'm sitting in the living room with a hot rice pack on my muscles, while the bf is sleeping upstairs. Hope he doesn't wake up...

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I'm into 3rd week, lost 1,2 kgs and 2mm from waist. It's good but I don't feel any different. Giving up sugar too. :clap: what health benefits shud I expect?
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Today, so far, has not been as bad as I had feared :lol: this morning was a large black coffee(2kcl) before heading to the gym for my usual 2 classes. I've never gym'd on empty before but my spin class was epic!!! Best class ever followed by an equally great body balance. :grin:

Lunch was a 2 egg omelette laced with chilli flakes (144 kcl plus 8kcl for frylight). This could be slimmed down to a1 and 2 omelette (1whole egg and two whites? Would be 106kcl). Herbal teas, water and diet drinks sipped throughout the day. Feeling a bit wobbly now (it's about 4pm ish) and have a slight headache, cured by a sit down with licorice and peppermint herbal tea plus paracetamol. Only an hour left till dinner!!!!

Dinner tonight. Skinless chicken breast (116 kcl) with veggie stir fry (144kcl) can't wait. Weirdly though...

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