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Today, I got myself a job! And a swimming membership!

I'm supposed to be fasting tomorrow, but I'm quite worried that I won't be able to make it through my first day at work because I don't want to be antisocial if I get invited to lunch or something, but I suppose all I can do is pack a low-cal lunch and play it by ear. I'd love to be able to fast twice a week even with work, but it'll be a new challenge to me as I'm used to managing all of my own time. Maybe the structure will help? Hm.

And the swimming, well, I think it'll boost my metabolism, and I'm far more at home in the water than on the running machine. I'm a little worried as I've never been to this pool before, but I'll simply have to do my best. I was hoping to go early in the mornings before work, but this week I think I'll try evening slots as before-work might be a little ambitious in my first week.

Still, I'm foraying into the adult world, slowly but surely. Also trying Jillian Michael's special water that is supposed...

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Well now, my returning fast went fine yesterday - hurrah! Liquids only until about 6.15pm, then a fresh Waitrose soup (360 cals, 4 of my 5 a day - very nice!)

It felt very good to be back in control. For I have been totally out of control lately, shutting my eyes to the consequences of over-eating...until I was forced to face up to the damage I've done to myself. Let's talk zips. How lovely is it not to struggle with them on a pair of jeans! That's how it used to be for me, but not right now. I am squeezing myself uncomfortably into size 14's (UK) because I don't want to admit how silly I've been. Ouch!

I'm not sure I'll ever understand why I have sabotaged myself. It was all going so well, yet I threw it all away and piled on 2 stone. What a twerp! I suppose all that matters is that I have now called a halt to it. When the next challenge starts, I will be there, as I need to hold myself accountable! Happily, I have a couple of events this year that I need to work towards (May & June)...

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I have a terrible relationship with food. No, I have HAD a terrible relationship with food. What does it tell you that just writing those two short sentences brought tears to my eyes? Food has dominated my life from a very young age. I have been on diets since I was 18 - that is 26 years ago. I've had some success, my greatest was losing nearly 4 stone with Slimming World, but I've put 2/3s of it back on and re-joined SW after Christmas to stop the constant ballooning weight - it didn't.

My head wasn't in it. If my brain doesn't buy into the activity the body just won't play the game. From January to mid-march I was on just about the most self destructive food gig of my life.

Whilst going through the motions of 'following the plan' I was abusing the diet in ways that make me ashamed. I've told no one this and only write it now because this is anonymous. I was eating large bags of Revels almost daily, sneaking bread and slathering it in very, very thick 'Clover' and snaffling...

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Love my scales today. Guess what I had for dinner last night.? Half a pack of fresh filled pasta. 360 cals. Then at about 9.30 I had a toasted hot cross bun. Then 2 - 3rds of a bottle of wine.
Off to class in a min.
Take away tonight with only one glass of wine as I'm starting C25K again in the morning, going for week 3 as 4 made me ache. But I'm prone to changing my mind so we will see.
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I've been fasting twice a week now for about 7 weeks and have had one hard fast day.

It happened after I came back after a month's holiday and was probably a mistake because of the complete change of activity. I felt faint and had no energy. It was also extremely hot.

Now that I'm back into a routine, it's easier. However, it's not always easy to find two fast days in the same week that suit both myself and my husband.

I intended to fast yesterday, but my son turned up for breakfast with some delicious buttery croissants (we live in France). Rather than offend him (and resist!) I decided to postpone to the next day. That's one of the great things about intermittent fasting - you can always change days.

I think fasting is starting to turn into a habit for me, which is wonderful because only when it becomes a habit will it be sustainable. There has to be a reward too once weight loss is nearly achieved. I can now wear all my tight clothes again so I don't have a lot of incentive to lose...

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