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Another grim day. This bout of depression is one of the worst I have experienced for a long time. I have to grab the controls of my life as this cannot continue. I am eating too much of the wrong stuff which is not helping me. Next week I am going to fast three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help me get control. After that I will go back to my usual two days.
I feel I have to stop eating biscuits, factory made ones that is, as I do not know when to stop. I am also picking too much, anything really, bits of cheese, dried fruit. I am not helping myself so this has to stop. I am an intelligent, practical and strong person and I have grabbed control of my life before, I can do so again.
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Have just started this diet and so far, after two fasting days, feel very good! Have read about people not losing weight and can only assume that they must be over eating the calories - until I started checking some calories myself and have been shocked to find that 100g of banana ranges from 95 - 136 calories on different calorie checker sites!!!!! So maybe this is the reason people are over eating their calories!!! Can anyone suggest a believable calorie checker? :confused:
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De-bloating finally! Yesterday's fast calories:

Cals 209
Carbs 38g (81%)
Fat 1g (7%)
Protein 6g (12%

I found a recipe for an anti-inflammatory soup made with carrots, onions, garlic, cinnamon and cumin from The Plan. I calculated the numbers via MFP, but I think this might be on the generous side as I made 4-5 portions, although I counted it as 3 just to be on the safe side (and I'm quite greedy with soup).

Inexplicably, my waist is still 26" yet my hands and face are still puffy. Have not weighed as I made myself a pledge not to until Valentine's Day. However I might change that to this Sunday so I know what my weight is before I head off to California.

In the last week, my sleep hours have reduced by about an hour according to my Jawbone. Steps have also dropped by half. Oh dear. I need to do something about this. However I have a bit of a strange week, so not sure how it will pan out.
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with my ME/CFS comes chronic gut pain. what i find bizarre about the 5:2 diet is that even on the morning after a fasting day - and yesterday i fasted completely, ie no food - my guts can summon up enough pain to wake me before i want to wake and keep me eyes open despite my desperate desire for more sleep. i work as an artists model, and am modelling all day today, and really needed the unconscious time (am doing portrait this afternoon, you have to keep your eyes open for portrait).

would love to hear from anyone else with ME/CFS who is doing the fasting diet and hear about what is working for you.
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SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW=267.4 down 3 since yesterday and equal to last week's low
Calories = 498
Net Carbs = 21g/17%
Fat= 31g/57%
Protein= 31g/25%
Sleep = 6:59 87% sinuses kept waking me up
Steps= 3657 only had fitbit on for part of the day.

So yesterday was remarkably easy. It was my first "fast" day this week. I get about 100 calories in the morning from the Cod Liver Oil and the half and half in my coffee and tea, then use the rest of my calories when I get home from work. I did a great job of not nibbling while I was cooking, and did not go back and look for anything after dinner...I did think about it though. But I was not hungry, I just wanted something.

My weight dropped 3 pounds. I am shocked as it regularly goes up and down a pound or so a day but I have not had a down shift that big in a very long time. Yesterday when I saw the number on the scale I was a tad bit disheartened because I saw I was gaining a pound a day on my up days over the weekend...

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