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For the first time in many years, my BMI today is 29,9 meaning UNDER 30 :victory: - I am so happy and thrilled about it. So far, this WOE is perfect for me, even though I need to count my calories because of my thyroid problems. It is not a problem for me thouht, I guess I am just too afraid to overeating on my normal days. Maybe when I am closer to my goal, I will try just to eat what I want to on normal day. I think my eating habbits have change a bit already. :smile:
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Awake at 9.30. Nice lay in

Weight 12.8.8

Two cups of tea
Poached eggs on a slice of toast

Will be 16.8 today and have visitors, my half sis is here from Hong Kong. Poor things it's horrible out there. We have traditional buffet tea tonight, loads of naughty but nice. Thank god it's Thursday fast day tomorrow.

Drank loads of white wine and a few portts.
Definitely over did it with the booze and cheese today.
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Well today is my second fasting day of week 1 and I've just had brekky
of a 2 egg omelette with cheese and tomato, which is approximately half of my allowance for today. I found some 250 ish calorie frozen meals in Aldi so I'm going to have one of 1those for dinner tonight and fast in between.
This forum is a great support system and I know will make all the difference in helping me adjust to my new way of eating.
About 3 years ago I lost 22 kilos on the Cohens diet, but put it all back on because I found it too hard to stick to long term. But this I can see myself keeping up in the future...fasting 1 day a week is hardly a big deal is it?
I've never written a blog before but figure it's never too late to start! I'm turning 50 this year and I reckon it's time for some changes to be made in my life. Watch this space! :cool:
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I’m just starting week 5, fast number 8 (I missed one over Easter) and although I have lost some weight & my clothes are starting to fit better it’s still a struggle to believe this is actually going to work for me.
Weight wise I don’t think I have loads to lose. I started at 11lb 8, and now at around 11lb 3 (bit heavier this morning after pizza for tea and not a very healthy weekend) so it does seem to be coming off, but this is kind of the weight I have fluctuated at over the past couple of years so it doesn’t feel as if it’s actually going to stay gone.
However my waist is bigger than it has every been (started at 38 inches) and not sure what my body fat is now but a while ago it was over 30% (33% rings a bell) so I’m at risk for lots of horrible diseases and I don’t look good in any of my clothes. While I wasn’t expecting the weight to fall off rapidly I was hoping that I’d start to see a bit more of a difference by now, so I thought I’d start a diary to record what I’m doi...

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Even though I started fasting 12 weeks ago, it has been only 8 weeks that I have fully fasted. I did not count my 4 weeks of non-fasting. I did eat within my TDEE and enjoyed numerous treats and not gained weight. I was doing 16:8 during the ‘free’ period.

Things I found out last week, I really do not like not fasting on Friday so it will be back on though I will only fast until dinner on that day. Non fast days at work means I look for crappy things to eat when stressed/bored. I will also need to have fruits and what not at work so as not reach for the chocolates. I also hope my tummy ‘shrink’ again with more fasts as I feel like I am have too much place in my stomach for food. The smaller it is the less food I need.

This morning unofficial weigh in showed that I am 500grams from my first goal. I am very pleased and is very motivated to continue my journey. It is at this mark that I am a little worried. I am sure that the journey lower will be slower and what not. My body seems to not ...

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