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Weight: 8st 6.75

The bloating is terrible. I'm bloated from my ulcer and TOTM. So my weight is going to be unachievable this week. I'm burpy and gassy so at least I know why. I am hoping that as a result I will still hit 8st 3 or 8st4lbs next Friday Morning. THere has to be off weeks and totm with bloating from an ulcer is of course going to affect these things. So I have to take that on the chin. I went to the Doctor in the end and she calmed me rihgt down from my panic about my ulcer. Told her all about my food and alcohol intake and lifestyle. I have a few changes to make. but I am happy to make them. This time last week, my ulcer began because I always have 2 glasses of wine on a Thurs but last week was a fast day so it hit my stomach like battery acid. Didn't drink at all obviously last night but I am happy to report that that didn't bother me. I enjoyed going for a run, playing with my dogs and watching a bit of TV and just relaxing WITHOUT alcohol. It wasn't difficult. I woke up...

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As usual on Saturday, which is the day I started a bit more than 2 months ago, I take the weigh as my official one. Today it says I weigh 74.7kg, 100g more than last Saturday, so no loss, but a small gain.
I am not worried at all. As usual when I get close to a result, or when I see I am doing things properly I start thinking I can do this differently and immediately I see some different results. I know I did good on my fast days, but I know I didn't check accurately my cals, but more importantly I know I ate some stuff on my feed days which I should not completely avoid, but at least control. Things such snacks or worst Nutella. On top of this the nice weather we are experiencing is bringing home the first ice creams which are always available in the freezer. Knowing they are there I made good use of them. Well as I said nothing happened weigh wise. The little difference could be of various reasons, but the fatc is that lately I have shown a steady decrease and not having had it means...

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Didn't get off to the best start last time, did day 1 and then promptly split up with long term partner....The 'heartbreak' diet then kicked and I was off food entirely. So no need for fasting! Unfortunately (well fortunately probably) this effect was short-lived and phase II comfort eating soon kicked in. Have just about come round to the idea of 'self-improvement' and here I am back again. Just completing my second fast day and to be honest STARVING. But chuffed I've almost day my first week (again).
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I started my fast day yesterday. march 22nd 2013. Up until 5pm I was going ok, then I started getting a headache & feeling a little shaky.

Had a small tin of tuna 67 cals, with some lettuce & carrot. Had my evening meal at 6.15pm as I was hungry. Weight watchers lasgne, but at 9pm I felt really hungry and broke the fast. dry biscuits with cheese, 4 chocolate bikkies and coffee.

What a failure I am, but I have have vowed to get back on track. Next fast day monday. :confused: :cry:
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weight 8st 12.25

Ok not so bad as I expected.Long way to go. So yesterday was my first liquid fast and it was pretty successful. I stuck to tea, coffee and oxtail soup until 6pm. At 6pm I cooked OH's dinner. I was going running at 730pm with my tri club so I had about 50g of rice (proba n overestimate. I was starving too. I defo had under 150 cals yesterday anyway.

I did an hours running class and I have to say that was tough. I really felt having nothing in my system. However, I intend that my fast days will Mon and Thurs (liquid fasts) so I shouldn't have too much on those days or I will make it my business not to anyway. I think 2 days is much more manegable with my calendar than 3 days.

I am trying to do a 16:8 today so have yet to eat. I am trying to hold off until 11am which is 90 mins away. I'm pretty hungry but in some ways I'm afraid the hunger switch will go off too.

Anyway, the aim is to have the following:

11am: slimbo with butter (150)
1pm: 2 slimbo's with butter (300),...

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